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Timo gets up early at 07:30 and jogs for about an hour: three times 15 minutes and 2 minutes walking. At 08:30 he’s back and takes a shower. Then we have our last breakfast on Tinos, pay and say goodbye to Antonia and then leave for the harbor. Antonia gives us the address of a friend of hers on Naxos: Pension Kalamies. We buy two frappe (two times metrio) and wait an hour at the harbor in the sun: nice, a boat just comes in the harbor, moors and immediately sells a few crates and sacks of fresh fish. We’re sitting on a great spot and feeling good. Suddenly we see the big ‘Penelope A’ and he goes to the other side of the harbor. Timo was at the desk earlier to ask where the boat would moor and we had to wait in this part of the harbor. So we race against time to the other side for about 10 minutes and make it just on time. To Mikonos! A boat full of youth and disgusting people. We’ll see what it brings. 30 minutes later we arrive at Mikonos and then it takes another 30 minutes to get off the boat. A herd of people, a sea of persons, waiting like stupid cows and cattle to get off the boat. We first wait a bit and then get off too and search for a free room with the entire luggage. At the first hotel ‘Hotel Delos’ Eef checks if a room is available and returns with a key after 20 minutes. All right, a room on Mikonos for 45 Euro. We don’t unpack, because we’re leaving tomorrow. At 13:00 we look in the town for kebab and find it quickly: very good. Then it is time to start exploring the city and the alleys. It is a little more busy than on Tinos, but it still is OK: little alleys, a lot of churches and then get lost. The mills of Mikonos is something, that needs to be seen, Little Venice is nice too (very busy) and we walk up and down the streets and left and right into and out the alleys. The tourist can’t demolish the charm of the town. We rest a bit till about 18:00and go for supper at 19:00. Eef had seen earlier a nice quiet place and so we enter into a dark and strange looking alley and find ourselves a quiet square with a restaurant ‘rendezvous’. The cook is an old Greek women, the waitress is her daughter. We have sardines, tzatziki, bread, soetzoekakia, with a lot of “aspro krasi” (local white wine – three times half a liter) and we enjoy it. We stay here late, smoke a cigar and then go back to the hotel. Eef goes out to buy cigarettes (Assos light) and we drink another two beers. At 23:30 we go to bed, we’re actually pretty tired. The only thing that keeps us from having a good night of rest is our partying friends of Mikonos.

sylviandavid says:
Love your description of the restaurant Rendevous... Hope we can find it.
Posted on: Feb 16, 2011
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photo by: snobordrchic