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Fish is one of the best (not cheap in Greece) dishes we love

We get up in the morning and to for breakfast in the garden. The women of the house (Antonia) bakes bread and we have coffee and marmalade with white (!) butter. Breakfast is nothing special, but it’s never like that in Greece. After breakfast we prepare to go to explore the island. Timo goes to Dimitris rent-a-car, but the door is closed. At 09:00 he returns and the door is now open, but there’s nobody there, so turns to the other rent-a-car on the other side of the street. Yesterday evening the person at the desk of Dimitris had told us there was a small car available for only 25 Euro and now at Vidalis there is also a Suzuki Alto for the same price. Then minutes later he has the car and picks Eef up at the hotel. She is waiting there, because Timo was away quite a long time.

So we’re now ready to leave. The first direction we go is inland into the mountains to the ‘Convent of Our Lady of Angels’ Kechrovouniou. We at first drive past it and then turn and see it on our way back. There is a lot of wind and we return to the hotel for long trousers and a vest ��" it’s even pretty cold out here. Within 30 minutes we’re back at the monastery and visit it ‘decently dressed’. The monastery is a small village on itself, not busy at all: we’re the only tourists here. There are a few churches a there is only one nun we see. We drive on to Exovourgo, get out of the car and get back in. The hill has the look of the Mont Ventoux: foggy, low hanging clouds, very cool and a lot of wind, not as high as the Ventoux though. Then the road to Volax, a nice village with the typical colors of the Cyclades: blue and white.
Impression of a boat in the harbor
We walk in the village for a while, look at the pigi (source), the square, the church and the little theatre. Again very quiet and nice. From Volax we don’t take the road to Kolimbithra, but drive on to Kalloni, Kardiana to Pirgos. There is the next stop: two monasteries, but we don’t enter. It’s great to stroll through the small streets, we watch the beautiful town square and walk on. We almost loose our way here. This is one of the many nice villages on Tinos and we now move on to Panormos, a harbor in the north of the island. We have domadokeftedes and kolokithia with a can of local white wine. We then take the road back to Pirgos, Kardiana and then pass by Komi to Kolimbothra. There we find a beautiful bay to snorkel. We have diving gear with us, so we park the car and walk over the beach to the other side of the bay. We dive into the water and realize it is very, very cold. We can only stay in for 15 minutes, because it’s too cold without a suit. We see a lot of fish however, little ones, big ones, black and colored ones, a lot of sea urchins and anemones. It’s too cold to stay snorkeling too long, we make ourselves dry and drive back to Tinos city. We rinse all gear, take a shower and go to Konia by car; it’s not far from Tinos. We each have 2 frappé there and check out the plans for our new house. We think it’s all OK. After a while we return to the hotel, drop off the car at Vidalis and go eat at Aithrios. We don’t have a lot today: moussakas and gemista. After supper we go back, because we’re tired; we’ve seen and done a lot today. We drink some ouzo back home and watch television. We don’t find a show of the Eurovision song contest: too bad. By 22:30 we’re asleep.

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Fish is one of the best (not cheap…
Fish is one of the best (not chea…
Impression of a boat in the harbor
Impression of a boat in the harbor
photo by: Exciterte