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It’s already 08:00 when we wake up; Timo goes for jogging (15 minutes twice) and returns at 09:00. He takes a shower and goes shopping for bread, milk and cola. Eef makes coffee and we can have breakfast on our balcony. Yesterday we already bought the other things: tomato, cheese, and marmalade, so all was ready for breakfast. It tastes delicious. This is something else, than only dry bread. We’re not in a rush and just before 11:00 we go to the bus station in the centre with a bottle of water and all snorkeling gear packed in the bag pack and wait there for the bus to The Cave. The bus goes at 11:00 and 10 minutes later we’re at the Caves entrance. We pay 1 Euro for the bus and 3,5 for entering the cave. Trotter says it’s not worth a visit, but we want to see that for ourselves. We go down, the cave is especially very deep, nice, but nothing special. We get to see two large chambers, one with only rocks, the deepest one. The other one has a lot of stalagmites and stalactites. There are a few walls, where curtains were being formed, it seems the cave is not very active anymore. It only takes us half an hour to get round and then we go outside and wait for the bus of 12:15. We want to go to the other side of the island to Agios Georgios. The driver drops us off at a crossing: he goes left to Antiparos and we go right to Agios Georgios on foot. Timo has the large bag pack to carry. We have the underwater camera, snorkels, masks, fins and everything else. After an hour walking we have done the 5 kilometer to the village. It looks very strange: a collection of houses, a church, 3 or 4 taverns all built against the mountain and in the valley. It isn’t really a village, but some houses in each other neighborhood. We have a drink at Zombos (cola and water) and then go to the sea and beach to snorkel. The water is a bit warmer than it was on Tinos, very clear, but there are not that many fish, because we’re not swimming close to rocks. First we snorkel a while together and then Timo tries out the underwater camera. He tries it to see if he can manage it during our dive next Tuesday. It seems to working very easily, but we’ll have to wait, what it says after the film is developed. We dry in the sun, wear clean and dry clothes and go back to tavern Zombos and wait for the bus. At 15:00 the bus arrives, very strange, because it comes from the middle of nowhere. About half an hour later we’re back in Antiparos. Eef buys 1 banana, 2 peaches, water and chips and we eat it all on the balcony. After 20 minutes we need to move, because it is just too hot. Then we take a siesta and we will return here later. We rest until 18:00 and then check the guide, what we’re going to do and see tomorrow; it’ll be a day in Paros. Now we go to have supper, not in the harbor, but in the main street, the restaurant is ‘Olympic Flame’. We take 1 Greek salad, 1 swordfish, dolmadakia ola mazi; everything together. We order half a liter of retsina twice and leave home at 21:30. Outside on our balcony it is very good now, only a bit of wind and drink a third bottle of retsina. At 22:30 we sleep. We thought we would have a quiet day and we still did pretty much.

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photo by: dardeb