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The boat is still sailing, when the gates are already opened.

Timo does not have a good night rest; he is awake all hours of the night and at 06:15 he is completely awake and gets out of bed to watch the rising sun. He sits on the balcony, while the Greek sun is starting to unleash her beams over Rafina. A beautiful sunrise over the mountains of Evia. At 06:30 Eef is also awake. We still have time to take a shower before we need to take the boat to Tinos. We quickly buy a ticket, get on the boat and he leaves 15 minutes later. The boat is loaded, apparently with a lot of people traveling to Mikonos; no one leaves on Andros.

Our Lady of Tinos. Megalochari tis Tinou or Panagia Evangelistria tis Tinou
We reach the harbor of Andros in about 2 hours and then we’re just halfway down. There is not much to see on the boat, there is a lot of noise and especially young Greek people are on the boat. Stavros in Rafina will explain 2 weeks from now, that they’re all students staying for their holidays at Mikonos, only 4 or 5 days. At the three hours point we reach the spot, where Andros and Tinos almost can touch each other and then it takes less than an hour until we’re on Tinos island. We know a few hotels from Trotter and Eef first goes out to look for Alanavou Street and from there we can start the search. She return half an hour later and says she knows where the street is, but it’ a long walk. Nor problem. We go with the bag pack, suitcase and hand luggage. We arrive in the street, where we need to be and a Greek speaks to us, saying that his hotel is also mentioned in Trotter. He has rooms with a balcony for only 25 Euro. Let’s do it. He gives us a little room with a private bathroom down the hallway, small room, but nice and neat. With the 25 Euro breakfast is included and that is being served in the garden. He leads us there and then we can go our own way. It seems like we’ve chosen good: at Manthos and Marios Boussetil. We put on other clothes and go into town to see some stuff already, i.e. a good tavern or restaurant. We find something nice at the other side of town and have lunch. It 13:30 so it’s time for tzatziki, choriatiki, tiri saganaki with bread, retsina and water. Very good! Next to the tavern there is a fish store and the owner has a pet: a pelican, a beautiful animal. We go back to our rooms and put on long trousers and a T-shirt that covers the shoulders, because we want to visit the monastery of Tinos - Panagia Evangelistra. This is one of the most famous monasteries in the world; orthodox people come here in august in swarms. Now it is a lot calmer, but even as pretty. There is a red carpet leading from the entry gate to the actual church with iconostasis. The whole church is full of ex-votos hanging down with animals, ships, fishes and similar things; all typical things, which are important to the Greek people. We also visit the crypt and then go down back to the harbor. Then we go for a rest, write the diary and our postal cards that we bought on the way to the rooms. Timo goes out for jogging. He has started with a jogging schedule at home and he wants to keep on running here. He jogs 10 minutes and walks 2 and does that 4 times. It’s warm; let’s even say hot. Eef has fallen asleep and Timo comes home and already showers. Then we prepare to go out to eat at 19:30 starting with an aperitif. Same restaurant as we had for lunch. Ouzo ‘me salty fish’ as aperitif and then Timo orders melanouri, but there is no melanouri available in the fish store and he can have another fish of 550 grams. Eef has chicken souvlaki, also very tasty. We enjoy it all this evening and taste some of all the different dishes. We actually don’t need to pay very much, 43 Euro and that for fresh fish. Indeed fresh, it comes directly from the store next door. Nice tavern! Then we go home and watch some Champion’s League: Barcelona – Arsenal. After 45 minutes score is 0-1 and then we go to sleep, because it’s already 23:30. Tomorrow we’ll rent a car and cruise around the island.

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The boat is still sailing, when th…
The boat is still sailing, when t…
Our Lady of Tinos. Megalochari tis…
Our Lady of Tinos. Megalochari ti…
photo by: Exciterte