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Mumbai is home to many old ornate public buildings left over by the British. eg. railway stations, government offices, courthouses etc. 

Our most memorable sight though is Dhoby Ghat where much of the city's commercial laundering takes place.  Soiled linen from all over town are collected and marked in cryptic ways, then washed by beating against rocks, then sun-dried before being returned to their owners. 

This was best viewed from an overbridge next to Mahalaxmi commuter rail station.  Little concrete partitions (each with a rock pedestal against which the laundry is beaten) formed the workstation for each worker.  Clean laundry was hung everywhere (or left on rooftops) to dry in the sun. 

Local News

Reading the Indian papers is always interesting.  Today we noted that the courts have outlawed interviews as part of the application for nursery schools ... it was deemed too stupid to interview children who are hardly able to babble, and the process was a front for separating snobs' children from the commoners'.


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photo by: vvicy1