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Sir Walter Scott statue column and Glasgow City Chambers across George Square

The next train to Glasgow took me through the sunlit mountains of northern England.  Though esthetically pleasing, they were not as green as their Irish counterparts.  On the train, I met a nice mother and daughter from Seychelles who later showed me to the Glasgow Tourist Information Centre.  In there, I spent 45 minutes planning my tour of Scotland.


Among my first sights in Scotland was the inviting George Square, decorated with banners of tartan.  Across the large, open square, proudly stands the magnificent City Chambers building and along the city streets are more statues, monuments, and green copper domes.

Glasgow Cathedral behind Saint Mango Museum of Religious Life and Art
  I passed stunning architecture and historic buildings with windows adorned by stone curtains and granite faces keeping vigilant watch.


The only attraction open past 5:00pm was Glasgow Cathedral (next to Saint Mango Museum of Religious Life and Art) and it was worth the visit.  Though the exterior is blackened and gothic looking, the inner structure was extraordinary.


The Euro Hostel is a huge, modern building.  My en suite room on the eighth floor was clean and roomy with a reasonably good view.

inside Glasgow Cathedral
  I had one French, one Australian, and, for the first time, three American roommates.


Out for the evening, I went to Sauchiehall Street where the pubs are most densely clustered, yet still relatively few.  I turned into 396 The Bar for a pint of McEwan’s, an excellent Scotch Ale, and soon the musical act began.  It was a barrage of horrible cheesy old American soft rock that a man resembling Sinatra sung karaoke-style to a blaring synthesizer.  I had some conversation with an English chap who explained to me the geographic nomenclature of the region.  From him, I learned that the island composed of Scotland, England, and Wales are collectively Great Britain and the “UK” stands for the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


A couple of local girls (one 27, the other 17) approached me to comment enviously on my wearing of earplugs.

cemetery behind Glasgow Cathedral
  Noting my accent, the 17-year-old was particularly intrigued with my nationality.  The three of us along with two of their friends, one of whom I could not understand because of his Glaswegian accent, continued to socialize as we strolled the sidewalk after closing the bar.  We then met four American guys and the bunch of us mingled in the streets.  The other Americans and I said goodnight to our new friends and went to an after hours club, The Garage.  Unfortunately, the club was “guest list only” after 1:00am, so we decided to get some food instead.


In a nearby Chinese restaurant, we once again ran into the elder of the Scottish girls with her incoherent friend.  I remained with them and my fellow countrymen called it a night.  Via the aid of the girl’s translation, the Glaswegian fellow offered to give me a ride back to my hostel.  As we passed another half-dozen men in kilts, the girl assured me that it is unusual, “they normally only wear them to formal occasions” such as weddings, but that evening they did so in support of the local football team.  I had had a lot of fun with my new acquaintances and thanks to the lift made it to bed around 2:00am.
ctjevans says:
hmm... I can't exactly remember how it was, but I'm in China now and I can assure you the Chinese food is much better here than you'll find in the western world. ^.^
Posted on: Sep 27, 2008
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Sir Walter Scott statue column and…
Sir Walter Scott statue column an…
Glasgow Cathedral behind Saint Man…
Glasgow Cathedral behind Saint Ma…
inside Glasgow Cathedral
inside Glasgow Cathedral
cemetery behind Glasgow Cathedral
cemetery behind Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow from my 8th floor window i…
Glasgow from my 8th floor window …
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regrettably, I neglected to write…
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