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view from my room at the Dublin International Youth Hostel

Once in Dublin, I asked a girl on the street if she could direct me to either of the hostels I had read about online, Harrington House or Isaacs Hostel.  She knew not of either, but pointed me across the street to the Dublin International Youth Hostel (a trusty YHA) and so there in I stayed.  With a snapshot of the dingy view out the window in the bunkroom, my seventh roll of film was completed.


My sore throat had been a problem all day, but I still had too much to see and do to let it hold me back.  As I began mapping out my itinerary for the city, a couple of roommates arrived.  The two French guys seemed nice enough, but registering strongly with my olfactory senses, they were rank!  Trying to ignore the odor and still suffering with pain in my throat, I continued settling in and planning.  Ironically, in this, the first place to have in-room lockers, I was unable to find the key for my padlock.  This was mounting up to be an aggravating day.  Short a secure storage option, I loaded my pockets and security pouch with every item of value to carry with me wherever I went.


At 9:30pm, I got my internet fix at a cyber shop where I was able to check my e-mail and look up some things to do.  With my inner nerd appeased, I struck out again into the Irish capital where the bridges at night are beautifully lit across the calm, dark flow of the River Liffey.  With too many pubs and too many people, I worried that Dublin, like Galway, might be too big a city in which to have fun alone.


In simplistic terms, no one is “from” a big city.  Immigrants, tourists, visitors, they are all from somewhere else, so it is not as easy to get accurate directions or reliable tips on places to stay, to meet new people or make local friends as it is in rural areas.  People in cities bring their community with them; they bring their friends and lovers or meet them and apply less effort to mingle with strangers.  I suspect it works along similar lines as the sociological phenomenon known as “diffusion of responsibility.”  I was also on a budget and city barhopping would have been too demanding on my wallet.


In retrospect, of course, I recognized that my litany of reasons for not finding fun were merely lame excuses.  I had been feeling miserable and tired that night because I was ill with severe cold symptoms and a painful headache.  Instead of pubbing or clubbing, I just walked for a few hours to get my bearings and to see what was where.  It would have been nice, I thought to myself as I strolled the lonely streets of Dublin, to have Clara by my side.  The Clarence Hotel (owned by Bono and The Edge) was the one important landmark I found.  Disappointingly, the doorman informed me that The Kitchen (the hotel’s bar) was shut for renovations, so I called it a night and went early to bed.
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view from my room at the Dublin In…
view from my room at the Dublin I…
photo by: fransglobal