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At 19:20, I arrived in London!  From the accommodations booth in the station, I booked a bed at Generator.  Off the tube, the hostel was easy to find.  Packed with active hostellers, it was a large building with a cool and trendy interior.  Once I checked in, my first priority was to contact Clara to confirm our tryst.  I asked the receptionist the best way to do that and on bought the phone card she recommended.  Again, I had a hell of a time fumbling with the phone system.  Following several attempts, when I thought my call finally did connect, the sound of a short beep confused me even further.  There was no greeting, no message, no operator, no other tones, just a single beep.  Suspecting a voicemail system with no greeting might be recording, I spoke my message into the receiver to let Clara know where to find me.


I had made the best effort I could to reach her and presumably left a message, so it was time to go out and start enjoying London.  I went out for some pub action, which again was not easy to find.  It took a ride from some strangers and a long walk until half-eleven when I ended up at The O-Bar.  O was a hip place with cute chicks tending bar, but the drinks were expensive.  My Kronenbourg 1664 went for three quid each!  They might have been worth the price had it been three US dollars.  The second floor, candlelit and quieter, created an atmosphere more conducive to meeting people.  A table cleared and I took up residence.  Within a couple of minutes, three Kiwis asked to share the table.  From then on, the night was great fun.  At 3:00am, the pub closed and I set out to find my bed.
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photo by: ulysses