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deep in the Iveragh Peninsula, inland from the Ring of Kerry

On another bus to Killarney, I spoke with an English bloke about our respective travels.  In the station, I found out that only two busses drive around the Ring of Kerry and both had already gone.  While pondering my options, I located the toilets only to exit unrelieved.  Not a single stall had paper, but serendipity prevailed as I left the room and found an attendant with several rolls in hand.


The only remaining bus route along any part of the ring from which I had be able to make a connection to Tralee was the one to Killorglin, so that was the one I took.

across from where Kieran & I dropped off the bus at the home of his sick friend
  Through Killarney, the important sights interlaced among the tourist traps.  Beyond the town, the landscape was as lush and beautiful as any I had seen.  The green fields and pastures stretched up the foothills and the mountain peaks disappeared into the clouds with the odd fort ruin a reminder of struggles the fertile land has seen.


My journey drew long and I nodded off a few times in my seat.  Finally realizing that far more time had passed than should have, I asked the passenger behind me if we had reached Killorglin yet.  In response, he said something to me in German, so I pointed out my destination on a map and he pointed out where we were - well beyond Killorglin, heading to Waterville!  I discussed my overshot with the driver, explaining that I intended to be in Tralee for the night, and he confirmed that no buses would return my way until morning.  Teasingly he remarked, “It seems your plans have changed, haven’t they?” and asked if I was “good with hitchhiking.”  After joking with me for a bit, he very kindly offered to bring me back to Killorglin in his own car after he dropped off the bus.  The Ring of Kerry, I learned, was not his usual route; he had covered the sift for a friend who was out sick.


Finishing the rainy, unintended bus tour of the ring, I passed Bronze Age ruins, old stone structures, churches, and houses, as well as cemeteries and religious shrines.  Once we left the bus, Kieran (the driver) showed me to his car, and I mistakenly approached the right side before spotting the steering wheel and realizing my error.  As we drove, Kieran showed and taught me about the peat bogs and he gave me an insider’s guided tour of Iveragh Peninsula.  The scenery was wonderful and Kieran’s stories educational, if somewhat hard to follow through his heavy Gaelic accent.  As he spoke, I watched his mouth and concentrated on understanding the words.
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deep in the Iveragh Peninsula, inl…
deep in the Iveragh Peninsula, in…
across from where Kieran & I dropp…
across from where Kieran & I drop…
Ring of Kerry
photo by: Eric