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Dunham "Cloud 7" shoes I wore everywhere through England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Paris.

Leaving my brother’s house around midnight (EDT), it felt strange to dive my own car again and to travel on the right side of the road.  I stopped the Mobile station by his house for milk and then to Stop & Shop to pick up some groceries for my empty refrigerator, but Sunday was the one night of the week that store closes from midnight until six.  With only my milk and my backpack of dirty laundry, I went straight home, but found my door locked.  The spare key my brother had given me was not the right one, so I rang Voncile’s (my landlord’s) doorbell, but received no answer.


Before my trip, I had given my key to a friend so he could come by to hang out while I was gone if he wanted to get away from his parents.  He was supposed to leave the door unlocked the day of my return, but had apparently forgotten.  I drove to Romain’s house to take back my key, but he was not there, so I went back home and tried Voncile again.  By then, the ungodly hour of 1:30am, I successfully woke her and she gave me a key.


Finally inside, I poured some milk on cereal and began to fill my empty stomach.  While I was eating, Romans showed up to inform me that he had broken my computer while I was away.  The power supply was blown, so it was not necessarily his fault, but I was glad I had taken the time at my brother’s house earlier to check my e-mail before heading home.  Romans hung out until about 3:00am.  Once he left, I began the first night of the past 25 in my own comfortable bed.


At 11:00am, I woke again to the world I had left behind.


(I had worn my Dunham "Cloud 7" shoes everywhere through England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Paris.  The soles were shot by the time I got home, but the shoes were still under warranty, so I was able to return them for a brand new pair at no cost. Woo hoo!)

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Dunham Cloud 7 shoes I wore ever…
Dunham "Cloud 7" shoes I wore eve…
photo by: penxor