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Evans waiting for the train to Windsor from Clapton Station

I set my watch in flight to London time, 1:45 am, and realized it was time for bed.  Of course, my body was not yet ready to sleep.  I met a couple of nice European natives on the flight, Grace (Irish) and Andrew (English).  They were on their way home from New York and Vegas.  Grace was very generous in entertaining my questions about the Isles; I had many.


After Scorpion King played on the seatback video screen in front of me, I enjoyed my low-fat chicken dinner and then dawned my eyeshades and earplugs to get some sleep.  I drifted off at 3:30am and woke to a bagel breakfast three hours later while passing over cloudy Ireland.  I was so tired still.  Through the window, I could see nothing but clouds, more of a foggy type than the finite fluffy puffs of cotton in the American skies.  Over the Isles, the white mist never seems to end; it was above and below, all around.


At 7:40am, I entered the terminal, walked a mile through the airport, and parted ways with my pleasant travel associates at Customs.  By 8:30, I had hit the head for the first time since Newark, passed Customs, retrieved my backpack at baggage claim, and found the rail information booth.


I took the trains from Gatwick station to Clapton Junction and arrived in Windsor at 10:20 am.  Along the ride, I had seen only drab, rundown areas.  The City of Windsor is cute, but touristy.  Different paint and roofing materials helped to define separate residences in the long, contiguous townhouse or apartment buildings.

ctjevans says:
ok ok John, your comment motivated me to dig out my photo album and check my tickets... I flew Continental Airlines :)
haha Devika, not "flirting," just asking directions ;-)
you were fast Justin; you commented before I had a chance to correct the date, but it was a good start and a great trek... I'll continue to post the rest.
thanks for your comments and smiles!
Posted on: Feb 08, 2008
john1112 says:
hey there!
i see u fly Continental Airlines.

that is good
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
Devika1985 says:
hahaha r u flirting with cute 16yr olds???!
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
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Evans waiting for the train to Win…
Evans waiting for the train to Wi…