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Evans in Cork with French travelers - Anaëlle, Estelle, Céline, Maude

Collecting our luggage from under the bus at our destination, one of the French girls approached me again.  She and her friends had reserved accommodations at the Cork YHA (Cork International Youth Hostel) and she asked if I could help them find it.  Pulling out my map to lead the way, I gladly obliged.  Before long, we were at the door of the large brick building that matched the photo on my printed list of hostel options.


Prior to my travels, I had not made any reservations because I knew I would need the flexibility to adjust my plans from day to day.  The YHA seemed like a nice place and I had four new friends staying there, so I decided to check in as well.  The clerk informed me, however, that there were no remaining vacancies for the night, but she offered to aid in my search.  She made a few calls for me to the other respectable hostel in the area, but all were booked as well.  My only other choice was the local shit hole down the street.


I made plans with the girls (Céline, Anaëlle, Estelle, and Maude) to hit the pubs later in the night before following the clerk’s directions to Campus House hostel.  There was a sleazy atmosphere in the unkempt house, but I only needed a bed for one night.  Campus House only accepts cash, so I had to swill a pint at the bar across the street to break a Travelers Cheque before checking-in.


At 10:30, I met up with my French fellow travelers back at the YHA and we spent the next few hours at a nearby traditional Irish pub.  I treated them to the first round, but ended up finishing half of the pints of Guinness that the girls were ill prepared to imbibe.  It was tremendous fun breaking down the language barrier between us.  Collectively, the four of them were able string together a few phrases in English and they tried to teach me some words in French.  At a quarter past one, I walked the girls back to their civilized hostel, kissed each on both cheeks (as is the French custom), and returned to my smelly dive.  After chatting with the drunken Welsh innkeeper for an hour, I went to the room and lied down for a rough night of sleep on a grill of springs that served as my “mattress.”
ctjevans says:
yup, all of the above, Dennie :D as well as using the few words I knew in French and building on them, learning more by asking the girls how to say certain words (mostly nouns I could point out or verbs I could demonstrate), helping them do the same with English, and repeating whatever they didn't understand using alternative English phrasing. it’s important to know one’s own language well enough to be able to express each thought in different words.
Posted on: Jun 24, 2008
nomaden says:
haha! :) smelly dive! funny..

hmm.. it should be fun breaking the language barrier. how dya do that? hand signals? or just laughing and drinking the whole time? :p
Posted on: Jun 24, 2008
ctjevans says:
unfortunately, it wasn’t their prerogative to do so… staying in a hostel, they didn’t have a "place," only bunks which tend to be too small to share.
Posted on: Feb 20, 2008
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Evans in Cork with  French travele…
Evans in Cork with French travel…
photo by: sarah_82