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the 'shut' main entrance to Slane Castle

From Brú na Bóinne, I traveled 15 minutes west into Slane to find the castle where U2 had recorded their amazing album, The Unforgettable Fire and shot the corresponding documentary video.  From front to back, I followed the curve around N51 looking for an entrance to Slane Castle.  At the main, if unassuming gate, I spoke with some construction workers who informed me that the castle was shut to prepare for an upcoming Stereophonics concert.


Dismayed, I drove back to the northeast side of the wall for a peak through the gate I had stopped at earlier.  At the tall wall of wood, I met a German cyclist who also wanted to sneak a glimpse.  He spoke no English, but gestured an invitation to use his bike as a stepstool to gain a boost, so we both jumped over for a better look.  Close to the fence, a good 200 meters from the gray, stone façade, I handed my camera to the German in spandex and stood for picture before vacating the property.


From Slane Castle, I took the N2 southeast toward Dublin.  Tuning the radio, the only frequency I could find airing any tradi’ was oddly enough the German language station and my dial stayed put for most of my ride.  As I had observed in The North, east of Ireland has better developed infrastructure than the rest of the country and there are also more trees, so the landscapes seem smaller.  In a town before the city, I filled the Almera’s petrol tank for a whopping 48€ (~ $47)!
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the shut main entrance to Slane …
the 'shut' main entrance to Slane…
Evans on the grounds of Slane Cast…
Evans on the grounds of Slane Cas…
photo by: Adrian_Liston