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This day we met with a lot of people who research AIDS/ social policy as this trip was intended for research. First we went to HSRC (Human Sciences Research Council) where we got to explore their library awhile and use their photo-copier for free. That was quite helpful to us all, as they have subscriptions to every medical journal imaginable plus loads of other books about all our topics. Then we met with two junior researchers who are conducting fieldwork at the moment about drug adherence. They were really helpful and interesting and we had an enjoyable discussion.
After HSRC we went to MRC, the Medical Research Council where we met with Rachel Jewkes to discuss gender and HIV. There were two people in the class researching gender so it was very helpful for them, and still interesting for us. However, this was our second lecture in a row and I could feel myself growing a bit fidgity. Still, Rachel was quite informative and gave information many of us can use in our papers.
Lastly we met with an International Relations professor at Witswaterstrand University. It being our third lecture of the day (and we skipped lunch!) we were not in the mood to listen for another two hours. Although the class is a political science/sociology class, I believe all of us in it are soc students, so we were not very enthralled by an IR professor. She did have some useful things to say, and I got some good material from asking some questions, but really we were just a group of grumpy American students not in the mood for another lecture. Sorry, Jackie from Wits, you deserve a better audience.
After the lectures we were dropped off at a mall for several hours. Though we didn't know it yet, we were to discover our professors are very fond of dropping us off places for awhile like strip-malls and various Pick-N-Pays. We used our time to help Maura pick out new clothes, as her luggage was lost at the Jo'burg airport.
After all our lectures we went to a restaraunt called Moyo which was very elaborate and tasty. It was very much geared toward tourists, with face painting, dancing and singing. Still it was pretty incredible and we all had a lot of fun. There was a TON of food: rice, cous-cous, salad, stews, chicken, fish, lamb, springbok, etc. and several types of each! I tried to get a little bit of everything, but even that didn't work.
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