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Slightly delayed thanks to the missing train the various randomly assembled members of the two families arrived in Walluf which is a small town one stop down the Rhein past Eltville.

Much less traditional than it’s neighbour in terms of architecture it is a pretty identikit small German town if truth be told. In fact bizarrely the station was identical to the one at Eltville, as if they’d erected it from some standard ‘build your own station’ kit.

We set off towards the river in the hope of locating the wine festival but needn’t have worried as there was pretty much nowhere else to go! What looked like it was usually a car park on the river front had been transformed into the centre of activity, covered with wine and food stands and the usual rows of long trestle tables and benches that you get at every German festival (well all the ones I’ve been to!) In the centre of all this was a large stage which had obviously been erected to host various entertainment throughout the day.

We soon located yet more of the wedding party who were already there and then various members decided to head back to Eltville as they had been Walluf for a while and had decided to get a meal. Those of us who remained found a suitable table, away from the stage thankfully, and parked ourselves to soak up the ‘festival atmosphere’.

Once again the wine flowed as we shuttled back and forth between the wine stands, interspersed with visits to the various wurst stands to stock up on food. The current entertainment was exactly the same as they always seem to get at these festivals - some old bloke singing various pop songs (with a few German folk and drinking songs mixed in) accompanying himself on an electric keyboard. I don’t know why but the Germans always seem to lap that sort of stuff up like it was the Rolling Stones or something. We amused ourselves watching some bloke indulging in the most bizarre freaky dancing on the stage - we could only hope for his sake that he was so drunk that he didn’t know what day it was! He was occasionally joined by various other locals indulging in the worst dad dancing you could ever hope to see as the singer belted out the ‘pop classics’.

After a few bottles of wine had been consumed of course we felt the need to join in - not the dancing - but when our entertainer fired up "Is this the way to Amarillo" we couldn’t help but sing along at full voice complete with all the Peter Kay moves - much to the bemusement of our German hosts.

As it began to get dark we headed back to the station in order to get the last train back to Eltville and probably annoyed all the locals, having reached that point of hysterical laughter as we sat on the platform.

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