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Well we've been and come back so now it's time to work through everything we did and write it all up!!

Thankfully the trip over to Frankfurt was not as stressful as it might have been!  Anyone who knows my family will know that we could write a book on how to stress other people out.

We picked up Pat (my dad's sister) early morning and began the drive over to Manchester Airport.  For some reason my father seems to have a very odd route worked out to get there that I've never encountered before.  Winding our way through various villages accross the hills we obviously soon encountered the traditional traffic jam and subsequent diversion.  It seemed the reason for all the problems was the fact that the police had closed a road so someone could chop down a tree - I'm really not sure that the middle of rush hour traffic was really such a good time to choose but none the less...

Having finally arrived at Manchester we met up with Sheila and Martin (some family friends) who were on the same flight as us and began to really get into the holiday swing by sitting drinking tea in terminal three - gosh we're so rock and roll.

The flights between Manchester and Frankfurt are pretty short and we were soon swooping down over the Franfurt skyline as we approached the airport.  Although I hadn't noticed it last time I visited there is a massive 'Welcome to the World Cup' sign etched into a field on the approach to the airport which is suitably impressive.

Frankfurt airport itself can only be described as 'massive'.  One of the first thing you notice though is that the whole place is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland which all seems a bit odd.  The plane was one of the smaller ones in the BA roster and was probably only half full at that so it took virtually no time to get everyone off so we soon began the monumental treck through the cavernous (and extremely modern) halls of Terminal Two.  This place really is massive and you are constantly having to go up and down various flights of stairs so by the time you get to arrivals you feel like you might have well walked from home!!

Rebecca had us all organised and booked a taxi to take the six of us to Eltville and sure enough there was a becapped driver waiting to greet us at the barrier complete with a sign to announce our presence.  However this is where confusion started as he grabbed my mother's suitcase, mumblede something about following him and then he was off at a fair lick leaving everyone else struggling to keep up.  After our brisk route march we arrived at what we assumed was the taxi (some sort of people carrier) but then things started to take an even more surreal turn as he proceeded to start taking all the seats out of the back so he could fit the luggage in.  So there were all six of us eyeing the rapidly diminishing number of seats and wondering if we were due to travel on the roofrack or something.

Suddenly another guy appears and starts dragging my mother off saying 'You come with me - another car here' - apparently we'd booked two cars and the fist guys mate had turned up to take some of us but their lack of English made this somewhat confusing all round.  Eventually we managed to split the party betweent he two cars and we were finally away.  Pat was particularly pleased as she had her eye on the taxi driver.  She particularly liked his sunglasses and was all set to invite him to the wedding...   

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