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With a day to spare whilst the final preparations for the wedding were undertaken I decided to take Pat into Frankfurt itself so that she could see where Rebecca actually lives.

We didn’t get off to a very good start however when we arrived at the station to find that the trains to Frankfurt were indeed pretty regular - apart for the hour we had chosen to set off!! So with the best part of an hour to kill we went for a stroll through the town, bumping into my parents again on the way down to the river.

Having stopped off for a few minutes at the famous duck fountain we wandered along the riverbank back towards the castle. With the dull weather seemingly starting to clear up we took our leave and headed back to the station for the second time that morning!

The trains in Germany always run on time so there was no chance of further delays and indeed it duly arrived but for some reason decided to stop right at the other end of the platform to where everyone was standing waiting. This resulted in ourselves and a group of cyclists having to tare down the platform chasing after it in a less than casual manner!

The journey to Frankfurt takes about an hour and affords a good view of the rural landscape of the Rein valley. Pat was most intrigued about the proliferation of allotments which were seemingly everywhere, all complete with sheds resembling something more like a holiday home!

After a pleasant hours rest on the train we arrived at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and decided the best course of action was to locate a timetable to ensure we knew which train we needed to get back. The station is massive and of course we conspired to walk straight past the information desk in our search for train times and duly wandered around the station aimlessly before realising. To be honest I think pat would have happily stayed in the station all day as she couldn’t get over the number of food outlets and gift shops that are crammed into the concourse.

By the time we emerged into the daylight again, now armed with a bespoke timetable and map of the public transport system the skies had clouded up again and just as we crossed the square in front of the station the heavens opened.

Looking for somewhere nearby to duck into to grab something to eat and give the rain a chance to ease off I decided it wouldn’t be a proper tourist visit to Frankfurt without going into O’Reilleys so this was the perfect opportunity.

To be honest it was deserted but we grabbed a table in the window and had some dinner as we watched the besuited workers scurrying past on their lunchbreaks and planned where to head for and the best mode of transport.

Luckily by the time we’d finished lunch the weather had eased up and the sky was brightening up. We decided to head for the old town square to have a look at the few surviving old buildings in Frankfurt. Venturing underground to pick up the S-Bahn, Pat being still further bemused by the size of the underground station and the numbers of shops down there too.

The square is only two short stops away on the underground but I realised I’d never actually used that particular underground station before and so couldn’t quite picture where we were in relation to the square. Following the general flow of people we soon got back on track and arrived in the city square only to find it absolutely teaming with food stalls which was something of a surprise. In fact it seemed there was something of a festival going on on the river bank and the whole area had been shut off and was now home to a myriad of food and gift stalls and numerous fairground rides. Despite some encouragement Pat didn’t really fancy being spun upside down so we settled for wandering up and down the river instead. Remembering that this was in fact where the boat we were going on the next day was based we popped along to have a preview and for Pat to decide which seat she wanted to sit in.

All this river walking was thirsty work so we headed back into the main part of the town to get something to drink. We ended up in what we always refer to as the ‘biddie café’ (a family joke due to it always being full of pensioners) and sat outside to enjoy another glass of wine and soak up the atmosphere.

The afternoon was drawing so the best way to enjoy the sunshine seemed to be to get some ice cream but before we could head back to the ice cream bar in the main square we were summonsed. The meal we were going to that evening was booked for six thirty so allowing for an hour to get back to Eltville we thought it best to head off back to the station to avoid the wrath of my mother as she stressed about no one being there on time!

So all in all it was a whistle stop tour of only a small portion of Frankfurt but it passed the day nicely and must have been more tiring than I had thought as I promptly fell asleep on the train on the way back only to nearly miss our station!

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