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Gun Show?! It was a quiet event for 2 days, but still very different, lots of testoterone, however, it was like walking through history looking at all the old weapons, guns, swords, bayonets, bows, powder horns, shells(including the modern variety of rifles and pistols!) etc. The military bolt action rifles with bayonets, from Russia, Hungary, China and I think Sweden - were hard vision for me, knowing, that is the way, they used to fight the wars, equally cringing upon my thoughts of how we now, utilize lazer sighted, heat seeking, radar guided, computer controlled weapons- kind of like raw crude fighting to techno annihilation techniques. I think this is the first time, I have ever seen the old dueling pistols(steel) or deringers at close range.I also saw the "old west" lever action winchesters and colts-*(I did not see many/or any of the old fashioned leather fine western tooled holsters'?) My childhood christmas in kindergarten I was given(toy of course) a pair of 6 shooter colt 45's with leather hand tooled holster(as big as I am,I can still get the holster of...lol- they would have made a nice addition for show, even for this old mixed blackfoot indian/german/swede of illinois decent,*not ready to grow my braids gack yet!)  Like many of the visitors, I am sure, were impressed also to see the huge manifestation of Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" handgun(personally as strong as I am, I can not imagine shooting this handgun in target practice, without getting rocked out of my boots(so to speak!), my hards are quite a nice size, but I'd have too, "iron grasp it", with both hands.  Some of the older hand skilled trades are still in existence today(at least we have not lost all the old skilled trades!) One gentlemen exhibitor, even had a very nice, full length leather skirt on display? Our addition of my Patriots Exhibit, was right at home complete with my cousin Terry's nicely hand drawn squirrels, soldiers and a labrador, whom's personality-reminded another couple of their beloved lab! The Marine Hymn with full dressed soldier drawing, was a special particularly heart felt and greatfully appreciated acquired  by some.(I had quiet prayers' for all their families, whom are still in the service and longingly desired at home with their loved ones!)Also too note* as much as, many others view-the horribleness of guns etc., this was quite an extremely peaceful 2 day convention/show! 
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