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Wentworth Street at night
The drive back to Portree was uneventful because it was pretty dark outside so I think most people in the mini coach took a nap...even me! As we got into Portree, Alex was dropping off passengers at their respective accommodations. After being dropped off at the hostel, Mar and I decided to make a quick pitstop at our room and freshen up. We went to our room to drop off our daypacks and we were surprised to have two new roommates, Fiona and another girl (I forgot her name), they were from either from Taiwan, Hong Kong, or China. We didn't spend too much time chatting because we had to quickly freshen up so we could grab dinner before the restaurants closed.
View of homes/businesses overlooking Portree Harbor
Note...restaurants and other stores are either closed the entire winter season or have limited open hours.

Mar and I took the set of stairs right next to Bayfield Backpackers Hostel which led us upto Somerled Square. When we got to the Bosville Hotel, we were turned away as they were fully booked for the rest of the evening. Shit what were we going to do about dinner...the grocery store was already shut down for the evening! Fortunately, the Bosville Hotel receptionist suggested an alternative, the Cuillin Hills Hotel, and also gave us verbal directions. 

Before heading out to Cuillin Hills Hotel, we walked down towards the harbor along Quay Street. There was just enough available light from the sunset and the street and house lights to take a few shots of the famous buildings that line Portree Harbor, which by daylight are a rainbow of pastel colors.
Portree Harbor and Quay Street from Bosville Terrace/Mill Road
Unfortunately for us not today and not at this hour. 

We were getting really hungry so we hiked back up Quay Street and past The Bosville Hotel on Bosville Terrace/Mill Road. When Mill Road forked, we kept to the right (Scorrybreck Road) as per directions by the Bosville receptionist. The neighborhood was eerily quiet and dark as there were very few lit homes and even fewer lit street lights. As we neared the next fork in the road, we weren't sure if we had to take the left (Budhmor Place) or right road (Scorrybreck Road). If we took the left road, it appeared to go even deeper into a residential area. If we took the right road, it appeared to head into the dark woodlands.

We stood at the fork in the road for quite awhile trying to get our bearings straight and trying to recall the receptionist's exact verbal directions.
Cuillin Hills Hotel
Out of the shadows from the road at the right of the fork came two mysterious figures heading toward us. With the aid of light cast from the only lit street light, we were able to discern the figures...a large dog and a man. The dog ran past us...at least he knows where he's going! The attractive young man, apparently a dad because he was toting a cutie pie munchkin in a baby backpack, saw that we weren't from around these parts and was so nice to give us more detailed directions to the Cuillin Hills Hotel.

The hottie dad knew exactly where we needed to go. So we headed down the right road into the dark woodlands. After crossing the small bridge, the road started a gradual, winding incline. At the top of the hill was our salvation...the Cuillin Hills Hotel.
Portree Harbor Docks along Quay Street
..Portree's only 4 star hotel.

We entered the hotel via the first door we saw which was not the front door but the side door. The place was so quiet it didn't seem as if anyone was  around. When we found the main foyer, we were welcomed by the receptionist who informed us that the casual dining area at the Brasserie by the bar wasn't open yet but that we were free to wait around either at the bar or the drawing room. 

We were seated at a table near the large windows that would have given us a beautiful view of the Portree Harbor, the Sound of Raasay, and the Cuillin mountains if it had been day time. Oh well, we were just happy that this place was open and that we could grub after such a long day. After glancing at the menu, I knew what I wanted.
The Drawing Room of the Cuillin Hills Hotel
..I wanted to try the haggis! When in Rome right? Besides it was served with whisky cream sauce!

Since the hotel has a remote atmosphere (about 1 mile from our hostel) I thought Mar and I would be the only people dining. But to my surprise more patrons eventually arrived. I think we were the only out-of-towners. Nevertheless, I enjoyed our leisurely dinner even the haggis, though we had to hike a bit to have it.

Back at the hostel, we chatted more with Fiona and her friend. They were on a road trip with some other friends also staying at the hostel. After getting cleaned up and packing my bag, as this was our last night on the Isle of Skye, I was too full to lay down and rest. So I headed to the hostel's dining room/lounge to investigate the loud raucous.
Boats anchored in Portree Harbor
Several of the hostel guests were playing the board game Trivial Pursuit. As soon as I drew closer to the large group (including all the friends from India via UK in my tour group and my new hostel roomies) huddled around the game board, they all immediately invited me to join in on the game. So I did and got to briefly chat with the other hostel residents as we tried to figure out the right answer. It was all good fun. When the game ended, they all wanted to play again but I graciously declined and headed to the room to sleep.
sylviandavid says:
The "hottie dad".... lol.... hope he's reading this!
Posted on: Mar 25, 2010
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Wentworth Street at night
Wentworth Street at night
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View of homes/businesses overlook…
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Cuillin Hills Hotel
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Boats anchored in Portree Harbor
Boats anchored in Portree Harbor
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