Favorite Korean Restaurants (or When I Don't Mind Smelling Like Garlic for 2 Days…)

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ChoSun Galbee Restaurant (3330 W. Olympic Blvd.) (Koreatown) (Average/Expensive).  MMMM… I do love Korean barbeque, and this is one of my favorites, because they have consistently great food, lots of yummy sides and servers who actually speak English (which is very helpful).  They also have one of the nicest interiors in Ktown, where a lot of the bbq restaurants can be a little shabby.  My favorites here:  for the barbeque (Galbee (beef short rib), Bulgogi, shrimp, spicy pork); seafood pancake; japchae (glass noodles sautĂ©ed with veggies and beef).  Check out my review:  http://www.travbuddy.com/ChoSun-Galbee-Restaurant-v174771


Dong il Jang (3455 W. 8th St)(Koreatown)(Average/Expensive).  The bbq here is also quite good, but I come here for one of their specialties – Ross Gui – thin, un-marinated slices of beef.  The slices grill up super quick and then after you are done eating all the sides with the meat, your server takes the leftovers and makes kimchee fried rice in front of you.  Yum!  I always feel like I'm getting a bonus meal here. 


Soot Bul Jeep (3136 W. 8th St)(Koreatown)(Average/Expensive).  The only Korean bbq (and perhaps only bbq restaurant) in LA that can have open charcoal grills, because they were grandfathered in after a law passed in the city prohibiting the use of these grills.  Experts claim that this means their meats have the true traditional bbq flavor  …. I only know that the bbq here is quite tasty, but is also 3X as smoky as any other restaurant.  You will come out stinking of bbq and the only people who'll want to hang out with you are your dining partners, because other people will turn and run.


Kobawoo House (698  S. Vermont Ave)(Koreatown)(Average).  I usually come here for their lunch specials – great deals, including Korean bbq, soon du bu (spicy tofu casserole), dumpling soup, etc.  But my favorite thing here, when I know I don't have to go anywhere other than home afterwards, is the boiled pork dish they have here – sliced up and served with pickled turnips and jalapenos and kimchee.  Soooo yummy, but soooo garlicky!  My friend's husband won't even kiss her after she eats here…


BCD Tofu (various locations)(Koreatown)(Cheap).  Super great lunch/dinner specials.  Everyone gets a set of complimentary sides, including a fried fish, turnips, kimchee, etc.  Then you order your food – I usually get the combo with barbeque (either pork or bulgogi or galbee) and soon du boo (spicy tofu casserole) – all for about $14!  The tofu salad is also quite delicious – large triangles of fried tofu on top of greens and olives and tomatoes and a delicious vinaigrette.
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This is one of my favorites korean bbq restaurants in LA (and I have to say that I think LA has the best korean bbq in the country in its korea town).… read entire review