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Coming into Nassau

It's a beautiful daaaaaayyyyy!  No, this isn't a U2 song, it's the view of New Providence Island coming into view from my balcony!

It is partly sunny, warm and humid.  The New York girls are out on their balconies next door watching us dock. We take a few silly pictures of each other looking our "bed head" best.   Sandy and Kristi are still asleep in their cabin.  We have plans to eat breakfast on the balcony a little later on.  Time to get a shower and get some coffee!

Everyone is up now and on our balcony.  I am the designated mimosa maker for the morning.  What a great view we have and what a great

breakfast!  Eggs, bagels, fruit, coffee and mimosas with fresh squeezed juice.  Yummy!  No counting calories either, we'll do that tomorrow

when are back home:)

Now we're ready to head over to Atlantis.

Nice hats!
  We walk up the dock and through the cruise visitors center to catch a cab.  After a few silly

pictures we're ready to go.  Our driver is the hippest dude around Nassau!  His van is complete with some kind of running MTV type of

program that is not only on his dash, but in the rearview mirror as well.  He jammed and danced all the way over to Paradise Island, almost

jamming to death a poor dog who just happened to wander out into the street.  Once there we looked around all the shops-too expensive!

Sandy was able to get a signal and hook up with her hubby back home.  Apparently the three Ohio husbands had a raucous good time last night  while

my daughter babysat the younger ones and played designated driver.

Breakfast on the balcony
  We wandered into the casino and got down to some serious gambling,

or at least Chris and I did.  Sandy, the lucky dog, put one quarter in a slot machine and won $38 just like that!  Chris couldn't find a winner,

and I kept plugging away on my Little Green Men machine, finally getting rewarded with a $40 win.  Okay, enough of that, and no one came

over to offer us a drink either, so we're outta here.  But, the skies have clouded over and it is a monsoon out there.  Literally!  Back to the

ship we go, a little waterlogged but ready to eat yet again.   Once fed and dried off we headed back off the ship for some straw market shopping and a visit to Senor Frogs.  There must have been a million purses in the straw market.  It was dark and kind of creepy in there


Hen party!
  Since it was Sunday a lot the vendors weren't there.  Lots of black plastic tarps and the lack of sunshine made it rather spooky.

We were ready for some liquid refreshment.  Senor Frogs has my favorite beer-Sol.  You can't get it in the USA.  It's very similar to Corona

in taste.  We had ourselves a few buckets of those and I had to have one of the famous yards of Margaritas.  The bartender gave us some shots of something.  Hopefully it wasn't too toxic.  We really enjoyed the people watching:  Kids dancing to souldja boy; drunk women coming onto young guys; some old dude coming onto young chicks.  The usual Senor Frogs action.  The only bad thing was a very obnoxious dude

hit on one of our group and was totally invading personal space.  It was time to go.  Back on board we invited the New York girls over and

cracked open a bottle of Grey Goose that our hubbys had so thoughtfully provided for us.  We had ourselves a nice little hen party until it was time to get ready for dinner.  Dinner over, we headed up to the disco for 80's night.  Time to dance like we were back in college again!

We had some fun up there and we were all sorry to see the night end, which it did around 1:30am.  I know you might think that's early,

but we're moms and used to going to bed early.  This was late for us!  After a night tossing on the rough Atlantic we woke up to the sight

of Miami outside.  It's time to go home, but we really want to stay.   No plane problems home.  We even got in early.  Another great trip

in the history books.  My next cruise is March 23, but I'm already working on the Girls Just Want To Have Fun ..... for the 3rd time, which will be January 2009!

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Coming into Nassau
Coming into Nassau
Nice hats!
Nice hats!
Breakfast on the balcony
Breakfast on the balcony
Hen party!
Hen party!
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