Day One: Missed Planes & Martinis

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South Beach, Ocean Avenue

My alarm went off at 3:30am this morning.  WAAAAAAYYYYY too early!  But wait!  It's okay!  I'm going to Florida today:)  After making myself

presentable, my darling husband loaded up the car with my bags and we headed next door to get my neighbor and friend Chris.  A quick trip

down the road to get my friend Sandy and we zipped over to the Akron/Canton airport.  (At times like this, I don't mind  my house being in the flight path)

We checked in and went through security, then grabbed some granola bars and coffee.  We waited to board the plane.  And waited.  Is there

a problem?  Can't tell yet.  Hang on-we're boarding.  I'm in the front row of a US Airways commuter jet and I wish they would close the door because my feet are cold in their flip-flops!  Why do the airport workers keep coming on and fiddling with that switch in the cockpit?  Oh, there's a problem with paperwork?  They probably can't find the owner's manual on how to fix that switch.

Our hotel in Sobe
  The pilot looks like Vince Vega

in Pulp Fiction.  Is the co-pilot Jules?   We are leaving!!  Only 45 minutes late.  Hope we get to Charlotte to make our next flight!

Well, we didn't.  We were told to see the agent for a new boarding pass.  I got off first and got a BP for a 9:35 flight.  Chris got one

too.  They told Sandy she was on stand-by and nothing was available.  Sorry.  Hold on a minute! You're sorry? She's coming with us even if she has to sit on our lap!  We headed off to the new gate and found a US Airways person to clear up this unfortunate development.   He had pretty good news.  There were some people that would not make the new flight and she had almost a 100% chance of getting a seat.

Free Grilled Cheese with each piercing!
  Whew!  Okay,

now that we know that, let's get some real breakfast.  And a mimosa or two wouldn't hurt either!   We bellied up to the bar at the Carolina

Beer Company.  It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?  No champagne for mimosas.  And they carded us too-LOVED IT!  After three vodka infused drinks each and a breakfast pannini, we headed back to the gate.  Chris and I got on, Sandy waited.  We watched for her to get on, and watched.  Yes! She is up in row 5!    We landed in beautiful, sunny Florida and 80 awesome degrees.  Down at baggage claim we met Kristi,

Sandy's friend and former neighbor, who now lives in Kansas.  We got our bags and got a car to drive us to our hotel on South Beach.

Once arriving at Ocean Five Hotel on Ocean Avenue, we saw that my friend Michele from New York had arrived with her SIL and two friends.

Introductions were made and everyone checked into their rooms right away.  We of course, were starving and headed off for lunch.

First though, a quick stop at this very conveniently located tattoo and body piercing place that just happens to be next to our hotel!

One of us was interested in a belly-button ring.  One of us who has a great looking belly and it's not me!  The guy running the place

was making grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone.  Hey it was lunchtime!  After he did the piercing he went back to making lunch.  We were

offered drinks, which we declined.  We decided to go to the News Cafe for our own repast.  Once refueled we went to the beach then

shopping.  After buying out Armani Exchange and Banana Republic we went next door to the Whitelaw for Happy Hour.  I wanted to go here to see if there was one paticular bartender working, who my husband and I met back in July when we were there.  After a couple of rounds of Cosmos, lo and behold! He's here!  Of course he didn't remember me, but he did do a great job for us the rest of the time we were there, and we gave him a nice tip too!

Guess what?  We want to eat again, but we want to get dressed in some go-out partying clothes.  We need showers and some water.

Oh wait!  We are stopping in AGAIN at the tattoo place.  The ring isn't big enough, it needs to be prettier too.  Okay, two of us  will get

a head start getting dressed and get in and out of the shower.  We're ready, but where are the other two?  You got it!  They're still at

our friendly little tattoo place, and they have been given a drink of something that resembles a vodka cranberry and are having a good old time while they wait for-GASP-a tattoo to get done!   To make a long story short, only two of us went to dinner at Mango's then for a popscicle

martini at The Tides.   I'll never tell which two, but things got wrapped up a bit early by South Beach standards.   Never mind.  Tomorrow we're

getting on a cruise ship!


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South Beach, Ocean Avenue
South Beach, Ocean Avenue
Our hotel in Sobe
Our hotel in Sobe
Free Grilled Cheese with each pier…
Free Grilled Cheese with each pie…
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