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me and jasmin waiting for our crepes at Crepe Montagne

I was awakened by laughter and chatting.  Sergio arrived safely via shuttle bus and little Mel was on her way.  The troops got ready to do the damn thang.   Staying right there in Whistler Village was fantastic.  Everything was so close by, walking distance is great.  We walked right across the street to eat breakfast at Crepe Montagne.  Muy delicioso of course, crepes are oh so yummy in my tummy.  Toward the end of the meal we received a call from Mel to say she was here.  Sis met her outside to let her into the hotel room to get suited up as she decided that she would be boarding that day.

I would not be boarding that day, being that this was my first time in Whistler I decided to take this day to see it, feel it, and love it.

sergio (non-chalant model pose) and me
  I saw, I felt and i loved every bit of it.  Also, I wanted to snowboard the day that the whole Whistler 2008 gang was there, which was Saturday.  No Biggie.. of course through and throughout the day at times I felt jealous of all those people riding and sliding, shredding and pounding the mountain but I knew I would be in their place the next day.  So that made me happy.

I got to enjoy the day with a very good friend, we went from store to store looking for new snowboots for me, and other cool stuff of course.  Got to witness falling snow (scary and funny at the same time since at that moment, as we passed other observers also shocked and freaked one of the guys lightened up the situation and told us "sorry about that" like it was his fault.

. and we all laughed.. haha).  We also got to taste amazingly creamy ice cream from Cow's.  It was burning hot in the shop (weird) so we walked outside to indulge in the yumminess.  Though freezing cold it was out there, the ice cream only reminded us of how frosty the weather was and with each remaining bite and lick of my Turtle Cow ice cream cone I felt as if I too would freeze.  But i didn't, made it just in time ;) hehe..Major shop till we drop.  Well not necessarily, we shopped and once we were pretty much done we started making our way back to the hotel then our walkie talkie buzzed.   The voice erupting from it somewhat clearly told us to meet them back in the village by the gondolas.  With that suggestion we flipped a u-turn and trekked back to the Village gondolas (where we had just come from), where we would meet up with the peeps.

A little more shopping and then dinner.  And then the anticipation for the following day.. butterflies fluttered all around in my tummy.  With every glimpse I've had of Whistler mountain I've been feeling these butterflies.  Whether it had been from seeing pictures from past trips of others or seeing it firsthand finally upon arrival.. this was it.. the time had come.  Was I ready?  Of course I was ready, I was born ready.  Lol, i guess not exactly since brith.  Let's just was I'm excited, I'm ready, bring it on.

vulindlela says:
Pretty cool place!
I have only been in the summer but I like the views, especially on the Sea to Sky highway.
Posted on: Feb 24, 2008
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me and jasmin waiting for our crep…
me and jasmin waiting for our cre…
sergio (non-chalant model pose) an…
sergio (non-chalant model pose) a…
check out all those boards.. takin…
check out all those boards.. taki…
the Village Square
the Village Square
Olympic Headquarters in the Villag…
Olympic Headquarters in the Villa…
yeah baby
yeah baby
We love that podium
We love that podium
being silly with the Olympic hula …
being silly with the Olympic hula…
Caution (Almost) Falling Snow
Caution (Almost) Falling Snow
Boards set up for tomorrow =)
Boards set up for tomorrow =)
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