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It was a chilly day. I thought it would get warmer but what u think when u spell december? f***ing cold weather even if the sun shines. But i could slap myself in the face for bot thinking of that. What so ever. The actuall day was build like that. I got up, into my cloth and into the car with the daughter of my boss. One thing to say about that kid. 6 years old but attetude like 20. After we got to the point of destination, the national hitorican museum, we made it quick trough the cold into the building. We toured around and tryed to give the kid a bit knolege of mine what never works cause i got the brains of a straw bale. haha. back to the point. We walked trough the dome where the dinosaurs where and told her about the evolution and that men didnt hunt tyrex. i hope that was right. after that we went to the stones and showed her some astroids cause the rest of geological founds where just boring enough to sleep while standing. u get the point. The whole museeum is just really interresting if u wanna know stuf u will forget when u left the building or did made such a deep inpact on ur life that it will stay in your brain till u reached the street. haha. no dont get me wrong i love to know stuff but some things are better unsaid. So we left the museeum to do some "kidsstuff". ice scating. this i will explane in the next jounal. enjoy.
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