South America

 By timbo

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The Summary

I´m spending around 1 year in South America, I had an amazing time. Enjoy my pictures, I'd do it again.

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May 30th, 2006Quito, Ecuador
June 6th, 2006Otavalo, Ecuador
June 19th, 2006Banos, Ecuador
June 26th, 2006Quilotoa, Ecuador
June 26th, 2006Machachi, Ecuador
June 30th, 2006Montanita, Ecuador
July 5th, 2006Guayaquil, Ecuador
July 15th, 2006Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
July 17th, 2006Guayaquil, Ecuador
July 18th, 2006Manta, Ecuador
July 19th, 2006Canoa, Ecuador
July 28th, 2006Ipiales, Colombia
July 29th, 2006Pasto, Colombia
August 1st, 2006Popayan, Colombia
August 2nd, 2006San Augustin, Colombia
August 3rd, 2006Cali, Colombia
August 5th, 2006Armenia, Colombia
August 8th, 2006Medellin, Colombia
August 12th, 2006Bogota, Colombia
August 18th, 2006Santa Marta, Colombia
August 23rd, 2006Cartagena, Colombia
August 26th, 2006Panama City, Panama
August 28th, 2006Havana, Cuba
September 7th, 2006San Jose, Costa Rica
September 14th, 2006Lima, Peru
September 16th, 2006Huaraz, Peru
September 24th, 2006Huacachina, Peru
September 26th, 2006Nazca, Peru
September 28th, 2006Cusco, Peru
October 8th, 2006Puno, Peru
October 9th, 2006Copacabana, Bolivia
October 13th, 2006La Paz, Bolivia
October 15th, 2006Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
October 20th, 2006Sucre, Bolivia
October 24th, 2006Potosi, Bolivia
October 26th, 2006Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
November 5th, 2006Salta, Argentina
November 9th, 2006Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 23rd, 2006Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
November 27th, 2006Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
December 1st, 2006Florianopolis, Brazil
December 5th, 2006Cordoba, Argentina
December 8th, 2006Mendoza, Argentina
December 10th, 2006Puente del Inca, Argentina
December 12th, 2006Bariloche, Argentina
December 17th, 2006El Calafate, Argentina
December 21st, 2006Puerto Natales, Chile
December 23rd, 2006Puerto Eden, Chile
December 25th, 2006Puerto Montt, Chile
December 28th, 2006Pinamar, Argentina
January 3rd, 2007Montevideo, Uruguay
January 14th, 2007Sydney, Australia
January 21st, 2007Gold Coast, Australia
January 29th, 2007Canberra, Australia