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At dusk, we approached Baku over the Caspian sea.  I was expecting to see Beluga jump up and nibble the fuselage of the plane, spewing their world famous caviar like grease from a leaky oil tank, but instead, as far as my eye could see, I noticed offshore oil rigs littered about the Caspian, working hard for someone.

We landed in Baku a bit behind schedule.  I stood in line to get my visa which cost a whopping $131 for US citizens.  Luckily I had my form filled out and photographs in place (or else two photos cost €15!).  

After almost an hour I was out at the luggage carousel expecting my bag to be rotating around the belt with motion sickness, ready for me to rescue it, but to my surprise, I didn’t see it.  The bags had just started their drudgery through freezing Tundras of the Caucuses, on to the carousels that may have been faster if they were powered by slow moving turtles.  Another 30 minutes later I found myself standing in an endless line waiting to get my bag and its boring contents screened through the x-ray machine, just incase I had hidden a couple of plasma TVs in it.  

Talking about Plasma TVs, I was probably the only one I could see without 2 plasma TVs and a home theatre in tow.  I wondered if would be expelled from Baku for not following the rules.  I suddenly felt like a poor peasant with only my humble suitcase of business clothes, my used laptop and camera to show among the wealthy oil barons of Baku.  As I approached the X-Ray machine, I whispered shamelessly, “I have nothing to declare, but dirty laundry,” but they seemed as bored with my suitcase as I thought they might be.  The customs were after the big fish, the ones with the TVs and all the shopping from Dubai.

frankcanfly says:
Thanks for the tip and great story! I just booked a short notice ticket to Baku, and it looks like the Visa costs more than my ticket! At least I'm now prepared. Thanks
Posted on: Sep 15, 2008
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photo by: RJawad