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Random Observation/Comment #24: Japanese does not have an equivalent to “Bless you”. Well then, how do they stop the Buddha from escaping? Maybe only possessed white ghosts have these escaping souls.
The dark gray clouds were not a friendly welcome to another day of bike riding. I did not have trees to protect me this time. Tall concrete buildings should have more overhangs. I had 5 train stops to figure out where I would go for the day before my choices simply expired (I could always take a train backwards, but I would have gone too far). Procrastination is a terrible thing, but it made my choice for me. Yodabashi Umeda was still largely unexplored and it was conveniently next to the observatory and a large number of train stations. I’ve found that Yodabashi Umeda is for the tech junkies, while DEN DEN town is more for the nerds who are buying these things. Nothing in DEN DEN Town is polished or setup nicely, but it’s just cheap and better for those who are looking for the best deals.
I spent an hour taking pictures and looking at all of the gadgets Japan’s best electronics mall had to offer. I finally took a picture of the 103” Viera scaled with a 65” TV – yes, it’s enormous (that’s what she said – wow that was relieving). Be sure to stop by the 7th floor of sweets and try the Mochi Ice cream – it’s heavenly.
After all 8 floors, I decided to walk down Tenjimbashisuji6-chome with all the little outlets on the side (this was of course after I saw that it was raining again). Luckily, I was side-tracked by HEP-5’s large Ferris wheel embedded into the mall. This place was extremely overpriced, but there were a few new styles to observe and absorb into my fashion arsenal. I tried on a lot of clothes and acted like a rich American ready to spend obscene amounts of money on overpriced items. (This may be true in real life, but I don’t think I normally act this way.) There was this one shirt that fit very well, but it was 8000 yen >
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photo by: yasuyo