Kanpai to me! Thanks for the warm welcome with alcohol and food =).

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Random Observation/Comment #19: This is a country addicted to video games and gambling. Most of the video games are gambling. They even teach children to gamble with candy and elmos.
“Dozo” was said to me about a dozen times last night. It means, “please” (as in “please continue drinking” (as in “the alcohol for everyone is free” (as in “you’re not leaving until you get trashed” (as in “keep saying stupid things because it’s hilarious.”)))) That was an awesome/cool/sick/sweet use of parentheses. This polite “dozo” soon became “yo parateru” which means “you’re drunk.” It’s my welcome party and I’ll keep drinking if I want to…
Once again, the conversations with all the researchers are the best part about Japan. Although some of them are too shy to speak English, they like assuming that I speak fluent Japanese. I’m actually picking up a lot of the informal uses of phrases which I’ve incorporated in my impulsive vocabulary. Phrases like “jonto ni?” are replaced with “majide?” which means something like “for serious?” This night was more concentrated on my Japanese culture and linguistic education instead of picking their brains for the next ground-breaking idea.
I noticed that it is very traditional for groups to rotate back and forth so you get to spend time talking drunk with everyone. After a while you’ll see that all of the people from each table have traded places. Either this happens or one table becomes empty and you have 30 people surrounding the 3 or 4 conversations. Japanese also have the Asian glow, but they seem to be a little louder with their parties – I think it’s their method of shedding the mask and letting themselves stop with the formalities and loosen up a bit. If there is anything some of these businessmen need, it’s definitely loosening up.
Drinking at the restaurant moved to playing soccer in front of the restaurant, which eventually lead to Karaoke =). Yes, I took videos. This guy sang English songs like a pro. Anyway, I don’t think I was too bad either, but I think they were clapping because I just added vibrato to everything. I doubt they’ve ever heard the songs, so they were just listening for the consistency. With the pressure to impress completely off my shoulders (and also 6 or 7 beers in me), I had the best time singing… singing past the last train.
I wound up sleeping on the floor in front of my laptop in the lab. Because of Cooper’s vigorous training, I can sleep anywhere for the shortest amount of time and still wake up to finish a project. Actually, sleeping wasn’t even necessary for 3 or 4 days in a row when I had to study for finals. Fall off the radar and run on backup batteries. I slept for 4 hours because the floor is a terrible mattress and the lights were turned on by 2AM for the other researchers who continued working into the night. Everywhere I go it’s the same dedication, motivation, and work ethic. You can even say the J’s and I take drinking to the same level =).
~See Lemons Feel Welcomed

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