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Random Observation/Comment #62: Always sit next to people with dietary restrictions so you can get seconds without feeling bad (in fact, feeling quite useful for not wasting food). I am Jacob’s scraps.
I don’t remember every dish’s name, but I do remember the taste and texture of all these plates before me. It was a large feast (and feat) with small portions. You are only given a few pieces of everything for a small taste test, but my strategy of sitting next to picky eaters kept me salivating and eyeing the delicious dishes next to me.
I commend the chef for his hard work and meticulous concentration on presentation. I felt really bad not knowing the proper way to approach the meal. You would probably have to take into account the textures (tender, soft, chewy), temperature (hot, warm, cold), and taste (salty, sweet, bitter, sour).
Even when I figured out how each dish was represented in my categories, I did not have the artistic food mindset to know which order would accent certain tastes or settle my stomach best. I remember the 16 course meal at Megu from two years ago and how each consecutive dish had its own placement in the entire course. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Unfortunately, they’ve stopped offering the deal because people didn’t take advantage of it enough. It was such an adventure sitting there for 4 hours and talking with family. I wasn’t even a fanatic about taking pictures and I still took one of every dish – imagine what would happen if I went now… I’d probably be there for days.
We had two dinners and two breakfasts in the ryokan in Iya Valley.
Each meal was unique and the food was delicious. Some of the dishes in these meals included: tuna and squid sashimi, horse sashim, tofu, vinegar cucumbers, boiled pork slices, shabu-shabu, fish on a stick, soba (buckwheat noodles), tempura (end of one meal), squash, avocado-cherry tomatoes, spongy fish?, squid, fish on a stick again, tempura, and honeydew. There are too many pictures to post and I would crave this food too much just writing the descriptions. Let’s just say that it was so good that it would almost be enough to convince me to live there – almost. Well, NYC has its own advantages that surpass just food (who am I kidding, I love food). By the way, I ate all of it; every last crumb, scrap, bit, speck, smidgen, spot, morsel, and even the plate. I’ll go on a diet tomorrow.
~See Lemons Enjoy Eating

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