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Random Observation/Comment #47: Sometimes I am just a little creepsterish when it comes to taking pictures. I’ve stopped being mindful about these things, and I just secretly snap shots of random people wearing interesting clothes or in front of monuments as if I had known them for a long time.
The night before, we went to my going-away party in the lab – the seafood pizza was actually really good. Today, we decided on Arima in Kobe. I had heard very good things about the onsens in this area from my trip to Rokko Mountain, but I didn’t want to take the same boring cable car and stupid bus for another hour to get to an overly expensive ropeway ticket. The view is probably fantastic, but I had already gotten so many pictures from my first ropeway experience in Shinkobe. To get to Arima, we followed the guidebook and took the JR line to Sanda to transfer to a local train (760 yen JR for 1 hour + 480 yen subway for 20 minutes).
Arima is a very small little village area. All of the attractions are definitely walking distance, but there is enough there to stay for a full day if you spend more time in the onsen area. We wanted to go to a lot of different places, but we couldn’t solve the traveling salesman problem to get the most out of the walking distance and maximize our sightseeing. The dog show area looked pretty cool, but we also wanted to see a few shrines and parks. I think we were already too exhausted from the earlier day so we just ate lunch and hit up the two famous onsens. It was definitely not a wasted day.
After going to Spa World, the onsens here were weak. They were very crowded and didn’t have the selection I expected. It would have been okay if it was outside or something, but it was just a small bath with some bubbles and old men. You had to bring your own towels and clothes, and you had to pay for your own toothbrushes and combs (where’s the service?!?). We accidentally bought the onsen combined ticket for 850 yen so we were forced to go to both. One had a bath with special carbonic water while the other just had a few brown, murky pools. This would have been only one area in Spa World and I would have had more women to look at in the 8th floor pool.
It was cool to see a Yakuza member at one of the spa world areas. He had a full back tattoo and looked like a jakt 55 year old boss. I think all of the people were scared of him and didn’t even sit in the same bath or look over. Chris and I were talking about how we would probably try to push our limits as foreigners and possibly get killed. Maybe we’ll save this experiment for another day.
I felt like I was cheating on Spa World with a less worth girl, but I was so curious about this other onsen that I just had to try it once. It was disappointing and wasn’t as satisfied. I should have never left you. Please take me back. Of course, money will always win her heart, but I’m afraid the water wouldn’t be as warm and the service not as good, for I would be comparing to my past experiences. I wish she could see that the comparison is, and has always been, in her favor.
~See Lemons Miss Spa World

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photo by: tj1777