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Due Torri in Bologna

When I was visiting my friend, Jill, in Bologna, Italy, I stayed at a youth hostel outside the city center. We were out really late one night and I bravely decided to take the bus alone since my hostel was out of her way. I got on the bus and it turned out to be one of those buses that did not have a payment machine (you don't pay to the driver either and I noticed that no one really paid, I just learned later on that they used monthly passes). I didn't know what to do and since nobody spoke English, I just sat there quietly and waited for my stop and prayed that no one would notice.

As the bus came near my bus stop (which I was proud to have remembered), I pressed the stop button and it didn't work! The bus continued on to about 3 stretches of grassy fields with no lampposts. I was mortified. I tried talking to the people around me but no one spoke English at all. I didn't want to shout "STOP THE BUSSSS!!" and demand to be dropped off because I had no ticket :p. And I didnt even know how to say "stop" in Italian.

Eventually, I was able to get the driver to stop by saying "Ostello Ostello!". I had to walk through the fields for about 15 minutes and it was really dark and scary. If something happened to me there, I can scream and scream no one would know!

I actually was kind of sick that day, I had a bad cold that looked like it would turn to flu, but when I reached my hostel, I literally was cured. Heck, I've never felt better. :)

missaeliya says:
when I get caught for driving offenses in manila, I can usually get away with "oh, i'm new to driving" or "oh, i've never been here before" with matching little-lost-girl look but I haven't tried crying!:D hahaha. i'm sure the officers will panic! i will need my acting skills for that, i'd better practice.
Posted on: Feb 04, 2008
ChrisMcDevitt says:
Nah, I can't tell you how many "ignorant" foreigners have messed up my day-to-day life in the USA by not understanding how things work, I encourage other people to inconvenience others the same. Besides, those euros are expensive. Save them where you can. My fiancee would suggest "crying" if anyone calls you on not having a ticket, it works wonders for her.
Posted on: Feb 04, 2008
missaeliya says:
okay, thanks! and maybe i should make sure i have a ticket next time :p
Posted on: Feb 04, 2008
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Due Torri in Bologna
Due Torri in Bologna
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