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There doesn’t seem to be nearly enough info on this site around the paradise I used to live in --- Maine. Thought I would recycle some old photos and try to highlight a few of the numerous hiking opportunities available.

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February 3rd, 2008Bar Harbor, Maine
February 3rd, 2008Long Island, Maine
February 3rd, 2008Millinocket, Maine
February 4th, 2008Greenville, Maine
February 5th, 2008Rockwood, Maine
February 6th, 2008Bethel, Maine
February 8th, 2008Camden, Maine
February 9th, 2008Bristol, Maine
February 10th, 2008Vinalhaven, Maine
February 21st, 2008Bath, Maine
March 1st, 2008Monhegan, Maine
March 22nd, 2008Scarborough, Maine
March 23rd, 2008Yarmouth, Maine
March 24th, 2008Freeport, Maine
March 27th, 2008Cundys Harbor, Maine
April 4th, 2008Portland, Maine
April 4th, 2008Cape Elizabeth, Maine
April 5th, 2008Kingfield, Maine
October 3rd, 2008Cundys Harbor, Maine
September 18th, 2009Eagle Island, United States
September 19th, 2009Brunswick, Maine
September 19th, 2009Phippsburg, Maine
September 20th, 2009Phippsburg, Maine
September 20th, 2009Bowdoinham, Maine
September 24th, 2009Georgetown, Maine
October 24th, 2010Wiscasset, Maine
October 25th, 2010Boothbay Harbor, Maine
October 25th, 2010Boothbay, Maine
March 24th, 2012Portland, Maine
March 24th, 2012Yarmouth, Maine
March 24th, 2012Brunswick, Maine
March 24th, 2012Bath, Maine
March 25th, 2012Freeport, Maine
March 26th, 2012Freeport, Maine
March 27th, 2012Freeport, Maine
March 27th, 2012Portland, Maine
March 28th, 2012Freeport, Maine
March 28th, 2012Kennebunkport, Maine
March 28th, 2012Cape Porpoise, Maine
May 24th, 2014Portland, Maine
May 24th, 2014Bowdoinham, Maine
May 25th, 2014Bowdoinham, Maine
May 26th, 2014Bowdoinham, Maine
May 27th, 2014Bowdoinham, Maine
May 27th, 2014Stonington, Maine
May 27th, 2014Isle Au Haut, Maine
May 28th, 2014Isle Au Haut, Maine
May 29th, 2014Isle Au Haut, Maine
May 29th, 2014Stonington, Maine
May 29th, 2014Bucksport, Maine
May 29th, 2014Biddeford, Maine
September 23rd, 2017Vassalboro, Maine
September 24th, 2017Unity, Maine
September 24th, 2017Lubec, Maine
September 25th, 2017Campobello Island, Canada
September 25th, 2017Wilson's Beach, Canada
September 25th, 2017Welshpool, Canada
September 26th, 2017Lubec, Maine
September 27th, 2017Bowdoinham, Maine
September 28th, 2017Richmond, Maine
September 28th, 2017Litchfield, United States
September 28th, 2017South Portland, Maine
September 28th, 2017Portland, Maine
September 29th, 2017Brunswick, Maine
September 29th, 2017Portland, Maine
September 30th, 2017Yarmouth, Maine
September 30th, 2017Portland, Maine
October 1st, 2017Fryeburg, Maine