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Roosevelt International Bridge spanning the Lubec Narrows between Canada and the USA

Made a beeline for Canada after breakfast.  From downtown Lubec, this takes all of two minutes.  The only delay was at the border crossing.  Entering Canada requires a passport which was no problem, but the guard inquired whether anything was in my trunk.  “I have no idea” was my honest reply (rental car and I never opened it), so I had to pull over and pop the back lid.  This took no time and I remained grateful over the relatively easy access from the USA.  If you want to arrive at Campobello Island from within Canada, the sole option is catching a half-hour ferry ride from Deer Island, which only operates during summer months.

Herring Cove Beach
  Oh yeah, you need to catch a ferry to get out to Deer Island.

I maintained a favorable opinion of the border patrol despite the diversion, because I had asked him if there was a visitor center on the island and he quickly pointed up the hill beyond the bridge, exclaiming ”not even a mile away”.  Here my eyes would be opened to how many jewels Campobello possesses beyond the Roosevelt Cottage.  The first lesson would be the presence of a 2,800 acre preservation with nine miles of hiking trails.  The second lesson would cause me to bolt, but it was the jewel we travelers adore stumbling upon: there is a lighthouse on a small island at the northern tip of Campobello which you can walk out to at low tide – but today’s window would be closing in about an hour!

Thus I exited the Visitor’s Center and beat feet to the opposite end of the island and Head Harbour Lightstation.

Visitor Centre at Roosevelt Campobello International Park
  Wow, a glorious discovery covered in detail by the next blog entry – the lighthouse is technically located in Wilson’s Beach, New Brunswick and I endeavor to align reviews and pictures with their true location.  The benefit of the scramble was traversing the length of Campobello and receiving a good sense of the island (basically unpopulated, natural beauty).  At this time of year there are precisely two places to order lunch, so I decided to bounce back and tour the Roosevelt cottage before eating.

The Roosevelt Summer Home is but one of the sites on the grounds of Roosevelt Campobello International Park, a unique partnership between Canada and the USA.  Funded and staffed by both countries, admission is free and the space occupies 2,800 acres.

Roosevelt Cottage
  Most of this is a splendid preserve with nine miles of hiking trails, but we will get to that later today.   For the moment, let us park at the Visitor Centre and begin our exploration here.

In addition to plentiful displays around the Roosevelt’s, the intent of the Visitor Centre is captured by the “Legacy of a Friendship” exhibit.  Here the international bond between the two countries is documented by photographs and placards.  While not struck by anything extraordinary, I found the joint venture a refreshing departure from typical nationalism so often on display. 

Only steps away from the Visitor Centre, the bright red Roosevelt Cottage stood out vividly on a gloriously sunny fall day.  I toured this, the beautifully landscaped grounds and another building (the Hubbard Cottage), all documented in another review, below.

One of two lookouts at Liberty Point on Campobello
  After an unspectacular lunch I devoted the afternoon to hiking, so I need to drop in several more reviews.

Beginning my exit as sunlight dwindled (this was my first time in the Atlantic Time Zone, one hour later than Eastern), I stopped at the other lighthouse here, Mulholland Point Light.  Short and squat, but picturesque, this lighthouse is perched on the Lubec Narrows separating the two countries.  This setting was peaceful in the twilight, enormously enhanced by wildlife.  A gang of eight or so harbor seals seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely in the shallows and two bald eagles perched observantly to survey the scene along with me.  A wild conclusion to a wonderful day.

starship1 says:
Never been to Campobello. I'd really like to see the Roosevelt "Cottage." Nice review and photos!
Posted on: Dec 20, 2017
walterman9999 says:
Well written blog with useful information.
I made a few minor visit into Canada (lovely country), but your visit there seems much better.
Posted on: Nov 30, 2017
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