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Bald Eagle at Mulholland Point on Campobello (um, well, actually in Welshpool!)

So, interlude #2.  Remember I just told you there were only two towns on the island of Campobello?  Well, turns out my lunch spot is officially listed under Welshpool, the other one besides Wilson’s Beach.  Unlike Wilson’s beach, I’m not sure I actually drove through this village and cannot offer much description.

Curious the legal address for Roosevelt Campobello International Park is listed as Welshpool, but TB shows that site as belonging with “Campobello Island” and that drove my original blog entry (already posted).  Since I did not want to contradict TB, which indicates Head Harbour with Wilson’s Beach and Herring Cove with Welshpool I had to scramble and add entries so they might have proper homes (I even had to add the town of Wilson's Beach, despite Head Harbour Lighthouse already indicated as belonging there!).  I suppose the benefit is conveying a better sense of the island, because I would not have bothered to mention either community without this prodding.


There was a payoff for the effort, because when I began penning a review of Mulholland Point Light, I discovered it also shares listing with Welshpool – this may become everyone's new bucket list destination!

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Bald Eagle at Mulholland Point on …
Bald Eagle at Mulholland Point on…
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