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Longtail boats and island off Patong, Phuket, Thailand

This was another memorable and great trip indeed. I had lots of fun and honestly didn't want to go back to Sydney yet when I had to, on February 1st.  Met lots of great and fun people, both Thai and Europeans. 

I was first in Phuket and once in my hostel in Patong I went straight to the balcony for some people watching and ended up talking for a couple of hours with this Australian girl from Adelaide called Tiffany and then met Esper whom I spent the next day walking to Karon beach and more.  He estimated we walked for about 20 km return in one day.  I also met an American guy there, Tom.

The Three Amigos in Phuket. Esper in the red shirt, Tom, and Allan. We were drinking with two Thai local vendors, one who took the photo.
  We all had fun as you'll see in the photographs.

Next I spent most of my time in Ko Lanta with my Thai friend Su and his friends who also became my friends.  I knew Su from last year when I spent a week there and he cured my 'Oh my God I don't know anyone here and I travelled alone anxiety'.  So that was all history.  I also met Kai, a vivacious girl. We laughed a lot and called her names ;)   She pretended to cry and I told her not to worry as I loved her.  All fixed.  Worked each time.  They also had another girl friend called Pang who owned a car and with it Kai drove us to Ko Phangan for the Full Moon Party. On the drive there Kai drove like crazy at about 120 - 140 kms per hour, because, of course in the morning I was so non-chalant and went for a swim in the beach, then a Thai massage.

Team Australia. Esper found this path on the side of the road which led to a cove and we went for a quick swim. It was magic!
  Then I came to her asking when we were leaving for Ko Phangan.  Anyway, we nearly ran over a dog on the highway to Surat Thani.  My friend Lek (girl) whom I met last year also came with us and she was the one who took care of me when I went crazy drunk on a small bucket of whiskey, coke, ice, and some straws, all to myself.  Then I thought I had to have another one and at about 4 am I passed out and I remember walking to the car but woke up in the morning and a couple of mosquito bites, and my hands for a pillow, I was actually asleep on the beach.  Su told me that a motorbike parked next to me and I had no idea of course. 

We came back to Ko Lanta then the next day Kai, Pang and I went for a day trip to Rai Lai where, on a longtail boat we saw some spectacular tall limestone rockcliffs withered and shaped by the elements of wind, rain, and mainly sea water and its breeze.

Longtail boats in Patong, Phuket
  It really is a sight to behold when you're there, you seem to want to stay there and be immersed in all its natural beauty.  I also met an English guy there in Rai Lai and we had some drinks and bumped into him again in the morning at breakfast, just before we caught our longtail boat back to Krabi.  Then we drove back to Ko Lanta.

Anyway, I'll let the photos talk for Ko Lanta, I did some partying there, also some healthy stuff such as walking and jogging on the beach and I also went to the gym there, where they train in Muay Thai boxing, but I just went and did some cardio and weights there.  Even on the ferry on the way home to Phuket airport I was befriended by this Dutch girl Armanda.  I was sad to leave my Thai and Swedish friends behind, but Armanda eventually cheered me up, as we teamed up on the way to the airport, until she had to board her Amsterdam flight two hours before mine. I did manage to sleep here and there on the plane, which was great.

karatf says:
Hi, Im going to be visiting the same area as you a little later this year. Could you tell me a little more information about the gym were they teach Muay thai boxing? Did you stay close to the gym? What sort of places are there to eat in koh lanta, do they have supermarkets or markets close by?
Many thanks :)
Posted on: Oct 03, 2008
yheleen says:
i miss Thailand ;)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2008
sincitytraveler says:
Although there are many things about Thailand that I'm excited to see when I'm there next's the Full Moon Party at Ko Phangan that I'm most excited about!! LOL
Posted on: Aug 17, 2008
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