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HK airport

1st time to HK.. The weather wasn't so great and of course sky is not clear.. BUT, I had such a great time there even if i stayed there for 2nights. Hostel was small but comfy and colorful.  I mostly walking around HK island and loved it. Cool things i can find, interesting places i found..etc.. Oh i liked "sneaker street" which we (japanese) call it. I was so ready to buy some shoes but couldn't find anything good and prices aren't cheap which was a bit dissapointed..   Night view was amazing. i knew it was but I had to see it and glad I saw from the peak.

Ok, here's my little trip starts. The day before I left for HK, I went to rock climbing at gym with my friends. I wanted to try so I was excited. We did it for a several hours include workingout.

HK airport
After that we went to Nagoya station to see my friend's co-worker and had dinner together. We left about 10:30pm or so. I knew I'll be back pretty late so I packed and pretty much ready to go. When I was in a restaurant, I realized that I left my hair clip at gym which I got it from my sisters for my b-day. I was panicked!! So i decided to call the gym at the airport the next day. I got up mabye 6:30am. My flight was 10am and it takes about 1 and a half hours by train to the airport so I left home at 7am. I made it when the check in is started so I did and grab my breakfast at starbucks and quickly exchanged my money and eating at the same time. I was relaxed for a while and started boarding. What a great timing, I thought.  After 4 hour flight, I arrived in HK. I knew something wasn't right and forget something. YES! calling to the gym! oh shit! I forgot to call from nagoya airport!!!! So I made a call from HK which is already international call. The guy who answered was TOO nice that he kept saying the SAME things over and over!! I wanted to hang up as soon as I found out my hair clip was still there but he couldn't let me go!! About 5 minutes later, I said thank you and go there as soon as I get back home.

Now, everything is just fine!! Looking around where the bus stop is.. and got an octpus card which is must to buy if you stay in HK. I was walking with other Japanese tourist to outside.. but there was a difference between me and them. Yes, I'm a backpacker!! I felt my backpack is too heavy but it wasn't my backpack. IT WAS ME! My whole body was sore from rock climbing!!!! I used different muscles than usual workout so entire body was sore! Anyway, I got to the bus stop and waited for a while and finally, me going to the city!! I checked where am I getting off and I knew it's pretty far from the airport. So I was up for the whole time even if I was so sleepy. I was looking at map and checking where was I and it was getting very close to my hostel. BUT the name of where I was supposed to get off and where I actually got off was different! I looked around and pretty sure it was where I had to get off. I knew there was 7 eleven on that street. I was right! YES!!!! and whew!! Found a hostel(almost missed it). I was tired already by whatever I had to do before I come here! My room was 7 mixed room with bathroom. Small beds but it was cute. When I got into my room, there were 3 europian girls talking loud and some of them weren't even dressed up yet.  And 1 girl was laying on her bed. Looked tired. We started to talk and found out that she's from small city in canada and i've stayed there for a while. So we became friends quickly! What a small world.. :)

She was waiting for this another girl from German. She's studying in HK and kinda working at the same time but her stay was only 2 days left. They were going to have dinner together and this canadian girl asked me if I want to go with them. I said yes. Until she's back, we talked a lot about canada and her story from Thailand.  The German girl came back and we left to Thai restaurant. It was somewhere really local that I don't remember now. It was very small but very delicious place!! We were all tired so left early and went to bed.. my shoes were still safe cuz I wore them that day :D

bugjuice says:
Hey congrats on your feature!!!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2010
Lilliana77 says:
Congrats Eikochan for everything :P :)
Posted on: Oct 11, 2010
skyter says:
"forgot smthing.. dough!"
lol! :DD
Posted on: Oct 11, 2010
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HK airport
HK airport
HK airport
HK airport
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