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Initially the plan was to drive a rental car from Philadelphia to Niagara Falls with 3 friends.  However, after finding out that I could not take off on the 19th from work, I ended up having to buy a plane ticket.  I decided to fly direct from Philly to Buffalo and then take the Niagara Airbus to my hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada!  My friends would leave a key to the room at the desk if I got in late or if they were still out. 

I thought I would barely make it to the Philly airport in time so I brought my suitcases with me and if need be to drive straight to the airport.  I ended up having enough time to drive home, call a cab which dropped me off at the airport exactly 2 hrs ahead of time.  When I checked in, the kiosk gave me the option to upgrade to first class for $50 more.  I didn't take it, which I totally regret now but it was supposed to be an hour and half ride.  I board the plane and am in the LAST row!  ugh.  We ended up sitting on the tar mat for 2 hours!  Basically we take off at the time we were to have arrived in Buffalo.  The ride was pretty choppy. 

Arrived safely in Buffalo, NY.  Waited for luggage and walked over to the Niagara airbus desk.  The other people had been waiting for an hour.  all because of me!  We all get onto the shuttle and I discover that everyone else is Canadian.  They had either returned from Mexico or Hawaii all lived about 1 hour away.  I would be dropped off first and then the rest  of the group.  We got to go to the special line for shuttles at the border.  The Canadian border patrol asked reasons coming in.  Everyone else she asked if they were importing anything into the country.  She just asked me where I would be going. I told her Niagara Falls and specifically the Renaissance Hotel and Casino.

Once on the Canadian side, the shuttle driver dropped off all the Canadians to another driver who lived near them so he wouldn't have to drive an hour back.  He drove me to the hotel and told me that he knows many people with my last name.  I laughed and said that is rare since in the USA very few people do.  In Italy, there are a lot but I wouldn't think there would be many in Canada.  I don't have any relatives there.  Anywho, before dropping me off he took me to the falls to see the lights which ended up being off since it was late. 

Once dropped off, the front desk gave me a key to the room.  My friends had a fun night at the Midway and I heard about the mini-bowling that they did!
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