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My job keeps me on the road and in less populated areas of the country for the majority of the year. Thus creating a common and sometimes frustrating problem of trying to find a restaurant that has anything on the menu that is or can be made into a vegan dish.

Over the past two years I have come up with a list of items to bring with me on the road so as to make myself a little more self sufficient and not relying on luck when it comes to eating.

1. One sharp knife - I make a cover for the knife with a piece of folded cardboard and some masking tape. This prevents anyone (my clumsy self specifically) from
getting hurt when handling my "portable kitchen"

2. HoBo tool - its a fork, spoon and bottle opener all in one. You can find these at Walmart, Target and any other Camping supply store. It compact and very useful :P

3. Small cutting board- good for cutting and preparing easy hotel meals

4. two plastic container bowls with lids. Medium size works best for me.

5. plastic measuring cup

6. A sponge or wash cloth for cleaning.

7. Travelers coffee mug

8. can opener... very very handy :P

9. A small Igloo container. This should be big enough to hold the cutting board, eating and cooking utensils, and a few dry food items. But still small enough not to take
up too much space.

10. A small Portable car fridge (optional). I use to have one before my father gave it away. (GRRRRRR!) They plug into the cig lighter and can be useful at times. But be
careful as they can drain you car battery if left plugged in for too long of a period. I used mine for keeping left overs cool for the next day and some perishable items
like broccoli fresh for a few days.

11. Small cooking pot that can be plugged into an electrical outlet or if you prefer you can go to a camping supply store and purchase a portable stove top with a small
pot. This is optional but can be handy especially when staying in one hotel room for a longer period of time It becomes a real lifesaver. you can make simple soups,
rices and pasta meals.

I would restock on specialty food items when we stopped in larger towns or cities with a veggie friendly supermarket. I also learned what common food items in the local grocery stores were vegan. The website below is from Peta and is very helpful in learning what items in any local grocery store are vegan friendly. The trick is also not to buy too much as you don't want food to be wasted or to take up too much room. Buy for the nights when you can't find a place to eat at or need a break from the truckstop grease :P:P

common Food Items:
Peanut Butter
Can soup
Near East CousCous
rice cakes

jethanad says:
:( no pilot car or pickup for me, just me and two adults in a Toyota Corolla
Posted on: Jun 22, 2015
esterrene says:
wow! i forgot all about this post :) thanks for bringing it back to my attention :)

When I travelled to Alaska two years ago with a Tb friend, we filled up my igloo with ice and kept a few perishables cool and had a box filled with soups, rice, and other items that didn't need to be chilled. A small portable camper burner was enough for the two of us and easy to set up and travel with. I bought a set of 3 small pots from a camping store.

While on the road A lot of truckers/pilot cars will have a larger portable grill, set it up in the back of the pickup truck and get fresh food for a group dinner.. its a nice social way to cook and eat.
Posted on: Jun 22, 2015
jethanad says:
:) Thank you Amber, I will need this list for my upcoming road trip. I had not thought of hot food on the road. I normally carry a medium size igloo chest and fill it with fresh fruit and salads, pita bread and hummus, drinks and the rest of space I use for frozen water bottles. Next morning , I refill with ice cubes from the motel. This helps keep most of perishables refrigerated.
Posted on: Jun 22, 2015
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