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Mt Kilimanjaro
On my ride into Nairobi, it was too dark to see anything and there was absolutely no one on the roads.  What a stark contrast to the next day!  There were people everywhere and traffic was crazy!  One thing I noticed was that all the men wore suits, whether they were legit businessmen or they were squatting in the yellow orange dust that invaded the city with an overwhelming heat. 
I walked to the shuttle bus in the morning and noticed quickly that I was the only foreigner.  We passed other tourist buses, but apparently if you don't get picked up your hotel, you are with only locals.  I don't even know where to begin with all the sights, sounds and smells.  I'm in Africa is all I can think of! 
It started with a flat landscape where you could see forever.  Guys selling tarps on the side of the road and van careening on all sides of the road.  We are supposed to drive on the left handside and occasionally are slammed to a stop when herds of zebra crossed the road or Masai Mara boys with their goats and cattle got in front of us. 
After a few hours of watching the scenery change while being squished next to a big Kenyan lady, we make it to the Tanzanian border.  Talk about craziness!  The bus stops on one side and we proceed to a shack that is Kenyan immigration.  I was told to keep walking while people on the huts on either side were yelling at me to join them.  Good thing I had made friends with my bus mates; they led me to the other side. 
The Tanzanian side was a little more official, but still a one room building with a mere counter dividing us from the officials.  The customs on the other hand was a complete joke.  It consisted of a few plain table in a room that the inspector would place your bags, maybe open them if they wanted but usually just mark your bag with chalk.  Then you would load it back on the top of the bus and continue on. 
Next stop:  Arusha, where the adventure begins. 
When we arrived in Arusha, we switched buses to Moshi.  They checked for receipts, which I never received in Nairobi.  They tried to get me to pay again, but the passengers I made friends with on the bus stormed off the bus screaming at the guy.  He finally relented and let me on.  The passengers were so nice and helped me out so much.  They couldn't believe the guys was treating me that way and said they would help me out in Moshi since I was by myself.  The other tourists refused to speak to me...very haughty.  One guy helped me find a hotel: Kinderoko.  As I got out of the hotel to explore, the clouds covering Mt Kilimanjaro parted for my first glimpse of what I would soon struggle to the top!
arlene0725 says:
Jambo! Jambo bwana. I loved Kenya when I was there in 2000. Yes, I would like to come back with my gf in hand. Missed the safari and good indian food I ate, the fresh seafood from the fishermen in Mombasa. Hakuna Matata!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
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Mt Kilimanjaro
Mt Kilimanjaro
photo by: easyjobrob