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BJ and me on our way to Slovakia

We are used to cool and wet summers in our country, with every now and then a few hot days, so we thought it was really hot Summer with these temperatures in the high twenties. When we arrived at the Prague Central Station a helpfull staffmember advised us to buy some water because there wasn't a restaurant car on this train. He also told us to make sure we entered the right car, because the train would be split up: one part going to Poland, the other (ours) to Slowakia. We made reservations for this train when we bought the tickets, so we only had to find our car- and seatnumber.
Although we travelled second class I found it very comfortable: spacious seats with nice soft cover, and we had air conditioning as well.

A beautiful chimney, near Hranice na Morave, Czech Republic

There was one other traveller in our compartment, he also had to go to Slowakia. He was all dressed in black, had a lot of tattoos and piercings, and the only language he could speak was Slowakian. He was a quiet, relaxed passenger, and the looks of him scared of a lot of people who otherwise wanted to enter the compartment, so we were happy to have him with us.
After being about 4 hours on the train an elderly lady had enough courage to enter, (or maybe it was lack of places in the rest of the train) and she was eager for a chat. Unfortunately for her the only Czech (and Slowakian) we learned so far was "dobry den" (goodday), so she did not have much luck with us.
She stayed with us for maybe 45 minutes before she reached her destination at Cadca. At that time Bob was sleeping, and when he woke up the lady was gone. He was so suprised her seat was empty again because he did not realize he had fallen asleep.

In this country there is still lots of industrious buildings with high bricklayered chimneys, and my sister and I were eager to capture them with our cameras. My sister liked the ones with red and white stripes and I prefered the genuine brick layered ones. I don't know what the guy in our compartment had been thinking of us, but I guess when he got back home he had some nice stories of those funny chimney-obsessed women from the Netherlands. 


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BJ and me on our way to Slovakia
BJ and me on our way to Slovakia
A beautiful chimney, near Hranice …
A beautiful chimney, near Hranice…
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Factory chimneys, near Olomouc, C…
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photo by: ik-ben-10eke