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Footpath from Hortobágy trainstation to Máta

Or as it is translated into english:
Máta Stud, Horse Breeding Centre

We wanted to see a horsemen show, and at the infocenter at the Hortobagy village they told us we had to go to Máta for it, and not to worry when you are on foot (like we are), there is a path going to Máta. So we went to the station, where the path should be, but all we saw was hedges, bushes, railroadtracks, and two old men picknicking on the seats at the station.
They knew right away we were tourists looking for the path to Máta, before we even could ask them, and they pointed us across the railroad tracks. We did not see anything but shrubs, but they urged us to go that way, so we did. And yes, suddenly there was a gap in the hedges, and there we could see a path leading down and across the fields.

Young storks training their wings
But before we start off, I had to pick some of the little plums of the many plumtrees there were growing. And were they ever sweet! 

It took us no more than 30 minutes to Mata, where the stables are.
And once again we saw a storks nest, this one was full of youngsters who were having flying lessons, so great to see.

Before we started our horse-drawn carriage tour we had time for a drink at the Nyerges Presszó, or the Horse cafe. And then we got on the carriages, and "entered" the puszta.
Lots of animals we saw:

the white cattle with long horns,
the long-haired sheep with their twisted horns, so different from the sheep at home,
we saw the buffalo's, (if I knew they would look like that, I would not have ordered the sausages I had the day before, but that is another story),
and finally, the woolly pigs, as well as the donkeys.

The famous horsemen from the Hungarian puszta ride 5 horses same time.

A few of the piglets had escaped by digging under the fence, so our guide grabbed the whip of our coachman and helped the herdsmen chase them back into the pen. There were donkeys there as well, and BJ had a good time making pictures of the animals. We could get off the carriages at every group of animals, where the guide explained something about the habits of the animals and how they are raised on the plains.

Ofcourse we saw horses as well, and the skills of the horsemen. It was quite spectacular, we saw the puszta five, amazing. And we learned how the horses were trained how to behave in times of war, incredible!
The children had the opportunity for horsebackriding, and ofcourse they were thrilled :)
And last but not least, the herdsmen looked fabulous in their blue and black clothes.

This 90 minutes tour was such a good idea, we all enjoyed it very much.


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