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Trainstop at Stratena, Slowakia

When I woke up I did not feel like getting out of bed, it felt like the weather was a bit gloomy. But... we had a train to catch, so we had to get up. The sound of rain which we heard... turned out to be a little stream, so the weather was not that bad, but there was a little drizzle. (Being dutch we hardly noticed it once we were outside :)

Our train for Kosice was scheduled at 12.05 at Dobsinska Ladova Jaskyna; we decided to take the 10.17 local train at Stratena trainstop instead of the 11.02 - just to be on the safe side.
So after a nice breakfast we took our luggage and set of for the walk up the mountain to the train stop.

Waiting a bit longer, Stratena, Slowakia

We double checked the sheet of paper (which was the trainschedule) fastened on the shelter house and yes, there was a train going at 10 17. Here our lack of topographic knowledge showed up. We did not know the places in the near area, just the bigger ones to where we had to go. When the 10.17 showed up, it came from the "wrong" side - we had to wait another 45 minutes and take the 11.02 after all.
That one was delayed for about 10 minutes, and when it finally came it was crowded! Only one car and it was full of schoolkids going to visit the ice cave; with all the humidity in the air it felt a bit sticky inside that traincar. When the conductor finally had time to sell us our ticket we were already at our destination, so she said we had this ride for free.

The 12.05 at Dobsinska Ladova Jaskyna was delayed as well. The station guy tried to tell us how much, but because we still did not understand the Slowakian the only thing we figured was that the train was delayed. It turned out to be 20 minutes. Was I ever glad we had 55 minutes to change at Kosice.

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Trainstop at Stratena, Slowakia
Trainstop at Stratena, Slowakia
Waiting a bit longer, Stratena, Sl…
Waiting a bit longer, Stratena, S…
And some more waiting at the stati…
And some more waiting at the stat…
photo by: Cho