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Finding accomodation, it is not too easy. Well, I don't mention the big cities - but the smaller the place, the harder to find. But so far I think I can cover for every night we need a place to stay.

Prague was just easy, however.... at the travel agency they had that nice offer for a reasonable priced pension. But... it was full the time we wanted it. Bit of a dissapointment that was, but there were other pensions and hotels to choose from. We decided to look for it later, and so I did with the help of the internet. All were more expensive and/or way out of the center.
But, being the child of my father, I am very self-opinionated. Therefor I emailed the pension if there was room available and yes, after some e-mails to and fro we made the reservation for the room we need.

Then the center Slowakia night. That was more difficult, or should I say, not too difficult, but more expensive, althought the town we are going to is smaller. And we just need the night to stay, because we are travelling through, the next day we will leave in the morning for the Ice Cave in the Slovakian paradise. So we booked the cheapest hotel we could find, and let's just hope everything is okay - I mean, if we have our own bathroom - which I have asked for several times.

Then the little village in the Slovakian paradise (a national park).
There actually is 1 pension in that village close to the railway station. A small pension, with no direct e-mail address, so I had to book this one through an agency in Prague. I understand they wanted us to pay in advance, which I refuse ofcourse. Now I have the confirmation I can pay on arrival, and since this is the only pension I could find close enough to the station we are going there. From what we learned about it, it is a real country side pension, with all home made furniture in the rooms, my sister is just curious if those chairs will be a bit comfortable <G>
For that Ice Cave we want to visit in the area it is advised to dress in warm clothes, and firm boots.... so we need to take that with us on our trip, although it is July....

Then we will need a place to stay in North-eastern Hungary, haven't found anything yet within our budget range.

The Hortobagy national park emailed me a great list with people in that village who offer accomodation, but unfortunately we cannot check that on beforehand, because neither of those people have e-mail addresses - but all have telephone.
There is a resort in Hortobagy as well, but that will cost us about 180 euro for 1 night stay..... 
I thought (had hoped) the csarda offered accomodation as well, but they only serve meals.

The next night we will travel on a night train, and then we will be in Brasov, where I asked a friend to check some pensions. And although he is very busy he happily offered to do that, for which I am very grateful.

The next day a long, long trip on the train to Budapest, and I think we will have to find a nice apartment in that city, for we will stay two nights, before we continuing our journey to Vienna, and then on the nighttrain back to Amsterdam again.

Yes, looking for and finding the right accomodation is a bit of a struggle.

(to be continued)

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