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Shunting at Debrecen station

Almost 700 kilometers to go until the next morning, travelling 3 different trains:
The R 6613 - a local train from Hortobagy to Debrecen
The IC 653 - intercity from Debrecen to Püspökladany
The D 407 - fast train with sleeping cars from Püspökladany to Brasov in Romania.

The Hortobagy station is an easy one, with just one platform.
It was quite busy, lots of travellers, among them 3 fishermen with bikes (and angling equipment ofcourse), they had been fishing already, we could smell it :)
We are getting used to hop on board of the trains with all the luggage, so it is not a problem at all anymore.

Debrecen is a bigger station, with more platforms; we needed to know from which one our train would depart so we digged up the print with all the trains and timetables and looked for a uniformed person.
Let's get this straight that there will be no misunderstandings: Most of the staff we asked for assistance was very helpful, and some were helpful even when we did not ask them (yet).
So when we asked this particular staffmember on the Debrecen station, starting with the usual question "do you speak english?", on which he nodded "no", we were quite surprised when he pointed at the station's loudspeakers as if he was saying it will be announced. Piece of pie? Sure not, because all the announcements are in rapid Hungarian, and we don't understand a thing of it, which he could figure from our question in english - LOL

We tried another staffmember, who could not speak english nor german either, but she was helpful, she was pretty sure the train would leave from platform 4 (négy, fore us dutch pronounce as needj - I don't know how to make this in english).
And there we waited when suddenly my eye caught the action of a shunter. We have been in so many trains which were shunted, and now I finally had the opportunity to capture the action.
This shunting and also the sound of all the incomprehensible announcements for arrivals and departures <BG> made the waiting a pleasant pastime.
Oh and yes, our train did depart from platform négy.


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Shunting at Debrecen station
Shunting at Debrecen station
photo by: serpentina