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Near Cana, Slowakian/Hungarian border

Helpful staffmembers showed us the right platform at Kosice station. Our train was going all the way to Budapest, but we only had to go to Miskolc. Compared to Slowakia, Hungary is low. Thus we left the mountains, and entered the plains, although the land in the northeast of Hungary is still hilly.
Nevertheless, today I saw my first commericial grown field of sunflowers. I was so excited, it looked so nice! How was I disappointed when I took a picture and my camera was on the wrong settings. Grrrrrr!
Within half an hour of this first field the excitement faded a bit, there were so many fields; bright yellow ones - in full bloom, a mixture of yellow and green ones - starting to bloom, and green ones - still buds.

Commercial sunflower field, near Sena, Hungary

Lots of agricultural fields, and at the far distance the mountains, it was so different from Slowakia, and yet gorgeous.

Stations were different too. We thought the stations in Slowakia looked like they were situated in the middle of nowhere, but at least they had something which looked like a platform. Some of the the ones we passed now did not have even that, people just got of the train and walked away through the fields to where they needed to go.
One thing was the same as in Slowakia: Sometimes traintracks were almost running through the villages, that we saw in Hungary as well.

"Drinking in" all the beautiful scenery, we finally came to Miskolc. The struggle with our luggage is not much of a struggle anymore, we grow muscles, and we are getting really fast in and out the trains.

Gynov station, Hungary

We planned to take a taxi because we needed to go to Miskolctapolca, a suburban village southwest of the town.
Outside the station we noticed a family hanging around a brick wall, mother and some bored looking kids. When we walked on towards the taxi stand a guy jumped up almost in front of us, asking if we needed a taxi.
We know how to look for a taxi, and also how to not look for a taxi. That guy was definitely in our second category, so no deal for us. We walked on to the parked taxis, with drivers who have a license in plain view in their cars.
The driver we asked for a ride was very helpful, I showed him the address we need to go, and yuck, there was that other guy again, trying to peek at the address. Now the taxidriver got a bit mad at him and shooed him away, even yelling him to go. He helped us with our luggage, it did not fit in his car, he asked for another taxidriver with a bigger car, our luggage went in the trunk, and on our way we were to Miskolctapolca.

Dragon (my friend) told me gypsies could be pretty annoying if not cause personal danger, and if I had any romantic idea of them still left - you know, the music groups, and the wagontravelling and camping in familygroups with much laughter and happiness - the last trace of that is definitely gone by now.
So it is good-bye to you Mr. Gypsie.

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Near Cana, Slowakian/Hungarian bor…
Near Cana, Slowakian/Hungarian bo…
Commercial sunflower field, near S…
Commercial sunflower field, near …
Gynov station, Hungary
Gynov station, Hungary
photo by: polvandenwirre