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Tampa mountain through the wires

Brasov ! The crown on Transilvanian towns.
And a different town from what we have seen sofar of Central and Eastern Europe, but then Romania is at all different.
Most remarkable is the Romanian language, which has its origins in Latin, thus it sounds more familiar to us than the Slavic and Hungarian we heard the week before.
When we rode to our hotel, it looked (in our eyes) like we were thrown back in time 50 years, all the wiring from lamppost to lamppost to...., the poor state of the pavement, the (literally) backdoor streets.

But we found the restaurants in this country serve good food. Once we had a decent breakfast (boeuf Stroganoff) after that night on the train we were feeling more adjusted, and ready for it.
And we have to admit: This town has character !
Beautiful tiled rooftops, which looked like the tiled roofs I saw in an Roman Empire section of a historical themepark.

Ice cream, delicious, and cool!
I guess Romania honoured the name, still ancient Roman influences, which survived all those centuries.
Temperature was higher as what we are used to as well, another thing which made me think of those ancient Romans, after all they came from what we know know as Italy, which for us is way south thus warmer.
Today was 38 Celsius in the afternoon, and the kids as well as we were on a low activity level. We, the adults, wanted to see the famous black church, but the kids were not cooperative, so we went looking for a nice place in a shady street and ordered bowls with ice cream to cool down a little.

OK, those night trains are a nice way to travel at night, while you sleep, but it is not a decent sleep from which you wake up relaxed :) So, we as well as the kids had a bit of trouble going around.

Condition of the sidewalks, since they get the wiring in the ground

We had a date with a friend to have dinner in town at 6.30 so we went back to our pension to fresh up a little before they were picking us up. We drove to the center again, walked around a bit to find a nice restaurant, while in the meantime they showed us the places of interest. I was amazed by the way the restaurants were organized. We, as the tourist we are, would go sit straight at the tables; but actually when you enter the restaurant further there are more seats, and if you go along, there are even more seats, all different sections of the same restaurant.
Another thing shich was remarkable in our eyes was the fact you don't have to order a main course, or a starter. If you want just soup, it is okay, or if it is a dessert you want, it is just the same. Plates are loaded, which is (fortunately) mentioned on the menu.
Beautiful houses and tiled rooftops at Piata Sfatului
We told the waiter our kids could not eat 10 cevapcici sausages each, and he instantly understood the problem, he came with 1 order and 2 plates for the kids.
I like this experience, Romania made quite an impression on me with their outdoor eating habits, and as I mentioned before, the quality of the food is very good.

After dinner our hosts were willing to take us up to Count Dracula's castle at Bran, but although it was not that late, it would be after the trip, and we could not do that to the kids, they would be too tired. So, we will save that for a next visit, giving us a reason to return to Transylvania one day :)
Instead of going out of town we drove back to our pension.

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Tampa mountain through the wires
Tampa mountain through the wires
Ice cream, delicious, and cool!
Ice cream, delicious, and cool!
Condition of the sidewalks, since …
Condition of the sidewalks, since…
Beautiful houses and tiled rooftop…
Beautiful houses and tiled roofto…
Casa sfatului - Council building
Casa sfatului - Council building
On of the backdoor streets at Stra…
On of the backdoor streets at Str…
Brasov rooftop scene
Brasov rooftop scene
No glass? But there still is a pho…
No glass? But there still is a ph…
Dont mind the line!
Don't mind the line!
Grass growing on the tiled rooftop…
Grass growing on the tiled roofto…
Beautiful pink house at piata sfat…
Beautiful pink house at piata sfa…
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