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At the entrance of the Barlangfürdo at Miskolctapolca, Hungary

Jo reggelt!
This morning it is time for a swim, so after breakfast (reggeli) we grabbed a towel and our swimming suits, and off we went to the barlangfürdo, the main attraction of Miskolctapolca. (This Hungarian word I know, barlang is cave and fürdo is pool, so it means a pool in a cave or cavepool).

Over here in the Netherlands we have been several times to the so-called "subtropical swimmingparadises", and the kids really like these kind of pools.
We browsed the internet for some pictures of this particular pool and what we saw looked very nice, so the kids were pleased we planned this event.
The fürdo was only a short walk from our hotel, we were early so we could enter right away. At 10.00 we were ready for a dive.

Pools in the caves, at Barlangfürdo, Miskolctapolca, Hungary
Well, we did not dive but just stepped in. It was colder than I expected, only 29 Celsius... (I hate to swim in cold water - below 32 Celsius I call it cold).
We were inside the cave complex and entered the tunnels, it was a bit dark, but that contributed to the excitement. And the water was getting warmer. There were several pools and smaller sections inside the caves, and we came upon a part where large streams of warm water came out of the wall, it was very nice to let the water splash on you. We came across a warm water pool, and into a cave with a starlitted ceiling, with cuddle benches in the water. And we could go outside where there were also several pools.
We intended to be in the water for about 30-40 minutes, then go out and let the kids go on with their swim, while we would take some pictures. But this place makes you feel like a kid again, we saw people ranging in age from 3 months to about 80 years, all having great fun.
Before we knew it was time to go. And we did not had any pictures.

After we go dressed, I took the opportunity to make some from the balcony, which is only a  poor view compared to what is inside the caves. But at least we got some pictures now.
This was a well spent morning, and the kids got their so needed exercise.

Now it is time to go on again, Hungary has more to offer, we will be continue our way, to the puszta!

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At the entrance of the Barlangfür…
At the entrance of the Barlangfü…
Pools in the caves, at Barlangfür…
Pools in the caves, at Barlangfü…
Entering the caves, at Barlangfür…
Entering the caves, at Barlangfü…
photo by: polvandenwirre