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Goofing around with the CAT team at the Igorot hotel in Camp John Hay

My first Singles Retreat at Church. I unexpectedly became the leader of a team of 10 including myself. The only female leader out of 6. A team with almost all personalities integrated. Ages and level of faith from various ranges, and extremely gifted. It was a highly surprising weekend. Had my retreat at Camp John Hay in Baguio, with the lodge fabulously situated beside one of my favorite Starbucks branches. With the patio overlooking a breathtaking golf course filled with pine trees.

It was amazing race style, we were part of the first 2 team completed, thus, we had the privilege of taking the first bus. We immediately had to do a cheer and banner to be presented upon arrival at the lodge.

The theme of the retreat was the 5 high school personalities, Brainy, MVP, Sosy, Nice and Rebel from our local deodorant commercial.

Winning the writing-down-of-the-latest-Panatang-Makabayan

2 tasks were assigned to each personality.

First day:

For brainy we had to write the Panatang Makabayan, and assign unknown cities to the 3 islands of the country.

For MVP, we were running last as none of the members were competitive in this area, we had the ring throwing on the coke bottle and egg toss. The 275 stairwalk to the Lourdes grotto and the gospel preaching to the bystanders.

All of this we had to do with barely an amount of sleep.

Second day:

We had to solve a Sodoku puzzle. Then construct a poem with 8 stanzas and with the lines rhyming, and read it to 20 bystanders.

For Sosy high, 3 pairs from our team had to run around an area of Burnham park 2x in wood thongs and skirt and khaki pants. And we had to dress up a member with Php 100 worth of ukay stuff using any of the 5 personalities as a motif.
Glee club practicing for the Praise and Worship

For rebel, the entire team had to cross to and fro the stretch of the lagoon. With my brainy member showing off his hidden skill.

So many things happened i can barely enumerate. I got physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. Overwhelmed with the responsibility of being the only female leader among 6, and continuously motivating the team with 4 people injured, including myself (from my previous dog bite). And I thought i got away from my responsibilities here in Manila....there i was given greater tasks. ive been sick since sat, well, try doing all of that with minimal rest and i doubt if you won't get bogged down too.

Apart from that, I was assigned as the room leader, responsible for leading the devotions with the other roommates, something that i have not been able to do yet.

So much responsibility that i would cry and pray every now and then or rush towards starbucks or walk around the area. with the style of the houses reminding me distinctly of jersey highlands, with the chimneys and house materials.

At the end of the day, i stretched my limits, again, i was given a task that i thought i could not endure but i was able to manage well, and i've surprised myself everytime the higher being surprises me.

Crazily tiring and fun.

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Goofing around with the CAT team a…
Goofing around with the CAT team …
Winning the writing-down-of-the-la…
Winning the writing-down-of-the-l…
Glee club practicing for the Prais…
Glee club practicing for the Prai…
Group picture after all the exhaus…
Group picture after all the exhau…
Before breakfast at our lodge in C…
Before breakfast at our lodge in …
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