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After a lengthy walk across the patches of land at sunrise.

Took a trip to one of my church sister's house, Cristy, in Batangas with 6 other girls. This was great timing as I had to get over a personal relationship that fizzled out. 

Excitedly getting there we were surprised to realize that she wasn't kidding when she said they lived close to the sea. We went to a resort at dawn and got spooked that the beach was just 2 feet long (since the tide was high) and were close to lapping our feet. 

Everyone got busy lugging around bags and food. We crazily had fun looking for dry branches in the dark to use for a bonfire as the other girls had our rubber bed inflated. Barely got to sleep since we were adamant to see the sunrise and Cristy would not let up with keeping us involved in her chats so we wouldn't doze off.

Fun, fun, fun. Row, row, row your narrow boat!
I did however get my chance for about an hour with the girl's voices echoing in my subconsciousness.

4 of us decided to walk around the now very long beach due to the change of tide, getting panicky with the prickling sensations we felt on our thongs, unable to decipher what we were stepping on, eww! Riz had me pick a fabulous shiny shell, poor thing. Upon getting back an hour later, we amusingly discovered that practically the entire area was up and cleaning the beach! Apparently they had a clean up project every Saturday morning. Our 3 other sisters looked hilarious, like washed away survivors seated on the rubber bed with everyone around them busy cleaning. After leaving our stuff in the rooms and downing our packed bread and what have you's, we paddled away on the small boats at noon.

Our director trying to get an artistic shot with the pool lights

I spent the afternoon getting a tan while Cristy amusingly kept me company under the roofed area to avoid the sun.

We then took a dip on our last night at a beautiful resort close to the area where Cristy's relative celebrated her birthday, endlessly talking about single-hood.

The shell we picked the previous day seemed to have a life of its own, we observed it had dropped from our dining table 3x! We disregarded it thinking that the poor slug had found a new home since despite our efforts to shake it nothing would come out. I then opted to bring it home since after all the effort Riz got spooked that it might crawl all over her stuff. 

Just to share, upon getting back home, me and my maid discovered that the slug was still stubbornly holding on to the shell after it crawled all over my desk unsuspiciously, yikes! I had her kill it sadly in boiling water till all the slug particles got removed. Killer!!! Tsk, tsk. The price to pay for a beautiful shell as a token of this trip.

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After a lengthy walk across the pa…
After a lengthy walk across the p…
Fun, fun, fun. Row, row, row your …
Fun, fun, fun. Row, row, row your…
Our director trying to get an arti…
Our director trying to get an art…
Karaoke pose.
Karaoke pose.
photo by: TravellinChic