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Huancayo is 5 hours east of Lima up in the mountains (but not as high up as it could be!).  A lot of people get altitude sickness (nausea, vomiting), but it is said that people with asthma get cured in Huancayo... not after just one day, of course.  It is VERY cold at night and early in the morning, but the daytime sun might actually inspire you to take off that sweater and grab your sunglasses!  It has less traffic than Lima (duh), so it is much easier to get around and much easier to BREATHE!

Today's Huancayo is a buzzing new city growing as tourism and agriculture improves.  They have streets and EVERYTHING!  I had to take an 8 hour tour to the city of Ingenio before I saw a burro in the street and a lady herding her sheep through the town.

  It was cool.

GO to Huancayo.  Take one of the turs (that's how they spell tour) and enjoy.  My tur cost S/. 20 and did not include my food or entrance into the Convento de Ocopa (6 soles I think) or the fish hatchery in Ingenio where they grow trout (S/. 1,50), so I topped out at 40 soles.  When in Ingenio go to El Encantador (something like that) and eat the Trucha a la Parrilla - grilled trout.  Also eat the Papa a la Huancaina. OMG.  I have had this dish before and I love it.  HOWEVER, once I put the first bite in my mouth in Ingenio I stopped and just kind of froze for a good several seconds as I realized this was the most delicious papa a la huancaina I had ever and probably WOULD ever put in my mouth.  I savored the moment and then continued to destroy the evidence.

  =)  The tour guide lady spoke only Spanish, of course, but everyone was super nice.  On the tour, we stopped at a silver store and got a demo about how they make filligree.  Neato.  Next was a place where they take raw wools, spin them, make cool stuff out of it and sell them.  Super cheap.  Bring moneys for purses, ponchos, trinkets, plushy llama fur doggies, whatever.  Then, a dairy factory in Jauja.  GET THE ICE CREAM!  It actually tastes like MILK!  Ice cream doesn't taste like milk in the States!!!  Afterwards was a lovely boatride in a polluted lagoon.  It was pretty, but the told us not to touch the water.  Mining.  Boo.  The Convento de Ocopa was on the way home.
  We missed the Catacombs because it was late, but the tour of the place is awesome.  HUGE LIBRARY.  Lots of different mini museums of stuff.  Must see.  Plus, Fransiscan Monks.  Who sees Fransiscan Monks these days?!  Me, that's who!

Anyway, go see Huancayo.  50 soles from Lima to there, 3 soles MAX per cab ride, 20 soles for the tur, 20 more for food and admissions on the tur, 50 soles back to Lima.  Can't help you with lodging.  A hostal should be fine and easy to locate.  I have NO IDEA where to find these cars, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find out.  Ask you Peruvian friends, get on a forum and find out from them or walk into a travel agency and ask if they know... also, maybe a taxista can tell you, but don't let him be the same guy that drives you to Huancayo.  Scam alert.  Only go with the guys you're supposed to.


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